When it comes to hosting a wedding that’s elegant and classic, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh offers a dream setting. With its breathtaking architecture, historic charm, and an array of stunning locations for ceremonies and receptions, this venue ensures your big day is a memorable masterpiece.

I love that my weddings at the Carnegie Museum are hosted in some of the museum’s beautiful spaces, which offers a great backdrop in case of rain here in Pittsburgh. The entire venue is so “classic timeless Pittsburgh” – you can’t go wrong!

Wedding Ceremonies in the Hall of Sculpture

Imagine saying your vows surrounded by timeless sculptures that exude elegance and artistry. The Hall of Sculpture at the Carnegie Museum of Art is a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Its grandeur and sophistication provide a sense of culture that will make your special moment truly unforgettable.

My couples often include beautiful floral arrangements at the front of the Hall of Sculpture to highlight their ceremony space, and their guests are wow-ed by the tall ceilings and towering columns in the space.

wedding ceremony in the hall of sculpture at the carnegie museum • Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History Weddings
Jewish wedding ceremony setup in the Hall of Sculpture

Wedding Ceremonies in the Hall of Architecture

For couples who appreciate the architectural wonders of the world, the Hall of Architecture is a captivating choice for your ceremony. With its magnificent arches and intricate designs, this space lends an air of grandiosity to your wedding. It’s a perfect choice for couples who want a unique and majestic backdrop for their nuptials.

I have photographed wedding ceremonies in this space during the holiday season, when the Christmas trees are decorated and add an extra touch to the backdrop of the event. Often, the couples will face the large plaster cast of ancient historical design – what a backdrop for your wedding ceremony!

wedding ceremony in the hall of architecture at the carnegie museum • Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History Weddings
This backdrop is beautiful for wedding ceremonies

Wedding Receptions in the Music Foyer

Following your ceremony, the Music Foyer awaits to host your reception! One of the most beautiful wedding reception locations in the city! This stunning location is adorned with ornate details, including beautiful chandeliers and classical architecture. It offers an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication that is perfect for a memorable celebration.

The Music Foyer has large marble columns, which you can uplight with your wedding colors. The space is large enough to host a fun band for your wedding party, and the centerpieces over your tables can also be pin-lit for a dramatic effect.

wedding reception decor at the carnegie museum music foyer • Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History Weddings
Sapphire and Lace Floral centerpieces in the Music Foyer

Cocktail Hour on the Music Foyer Balcony

As the evening reception begins, you can host a cocktail hour on the Music Foyer balcony. Guests can enjoy views of the Music Foyer reception setup while sipping on cocktails and enjoying appetizers. The Music Foyer balcony offers a unique vantage point that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Many of my couples are introduced into their wedding receptions on the main floor of the Music Foyer, while their guests watch their first dance from the cocktail hour balcony section. This is the only place in Pittsburgh where you get this feature!

cocktail hour on the balcony at the carnegie museum • Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History Weddings
Cocktail hour musicians and guests
first dance in the music foyer • Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History Weddings
First dance from the balcony

Photos Inside of the Museum on the Grand Staircase

One of the highlights of having your wedding at the Carnegie Museum of Art is the opportunity for stunning photos. The Grand Staircase, with its majestic design and drama, is a favorite spot for capturing those cherished moments with your new love. This is often one of my must-do spots for wedding photos when working with couples at the CMOA.

Photos Inside of the Museum at the Dinosaur Exhibit

For a fun and whimsical touch to your wedding album, the dinosaur exhibit offers a fantastic backdrop. Imagine your bridal party posing next to massive T-Rex skeletons or exchanging glances under the watchful eye of a triceratops. These photos will be unique, playful, and memorable. We can access the dinosaurs with the help of museum security and your wedding coordinators.

bridesmaids and groomsmen with the couple in front of dinosaurs at the CMOA • Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History Weddings

Private Cocktail Hours in the Founder’s Room

For those seeking an exclusive and intimate setting for their wedding celebrations, the Carnegie Museum of Art offers the Founder’s Room, a hidden gem that adds an extra layer of elegance to your special day.

The Founder’s Room, with its opulent décor and timeless charm, is an ideal space for hosting a private cocktail hour with your wedding party. This intimate setting provides a respite from the grandeur of the museum’s main spaces and allows you and your friends to unwind and savor the moment.

This room has interesting light, but also a lot of drama. I’ll often create some gorgeous, interesting images in this space!

Pricing and Packages, and Music Foyer Capacity

The Carnegie Museum of Art offers various pricing and package options to suit your wedding needs. The Music Foyer can host up to 180 guests, making it ideal for medium-to-large sized weddings. The venue’s team works closely with you to ensure that your wedding day aligns with your budget and vision. They also have a wonderful catering team to make sure your guests are well-fed.

Nearby Outdoor Photo Locations

While the museum’s interiors are undeniably captivating, Pittsburgh offers a range of outdoor photo locations just a stone’s throw away. Nearby spots such as Schenley Park, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and the University of Pittsburgh campus provide picturesque settings for outdoor photos, allowing you to capture the diversity of this beautiful city on your special day.

I often will photograph my couples at the Mellon Institute Columns, PITT campus, and city streets before heading into the reception at the museum.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a wedding venue that combines art, culture, and history, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh is a top choice. With its exquisite spaces for ceremonies and receptions, breathtaking photo opportunities, and accommodating staff, your wedding day will become an unforgettable masterpiece. This iconic venue provides an unparalleled backdrop for your love story, one that you and your guests will treasure for years to come.

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Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Leeann Marie Golish, has been photographing classic and contemporary weddings for over 16 years.
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