• 2024/25 Booking Info
 • 2024/25 Booking Info

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

15+years in weddings

500+ weddings photographed

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What every wedding photographer says:

You deserve the best! Your wedding photos will be with you forever! Let’s party!

What they don’t say:

I’m not sure how to light dark spaces. I’ll obnoxiously stand in the middle of the ceremony aisle. You’ll be late to the reception because I’ll insist on using all of golden hour. I’ll just call your mom…”mom”… all day because learning her name isn’t important to me. 25% of your gallery will be awesome, but the rest will be nothing I’d ever post online…

(I know all of this from first-hand experience and conversations with local high-end wedding planners, coordinators, florists, DJs, etc)


 What I believe:

You DO deserve the best. Your wedding photos WILL be with you forever. I’ve photographed so many weddings in crazy places that I can light anything BEAUTIFULLY.


Winter doesn’t scare me. I get to know everyone’s names. Your meals will be hot. Your church ladies will love me. Your photos will be fun, and amazing, and everything YOU envision – because I listen to all of my clients in ways above and beyond the norm.


Your once-in-a-lifetime investment should be with someone who is not just saying the ‘woo-woo’ website things, but who LIVES FOR HER CLIENTS and knows your entire wedding gallery will be INSANELY GORGEOUS.


I care deeply about my craft, artistic vision, clients, families, wedding parties, and client experience. Even as I type these words I feel it in my bones.

My bridal party and family raved about her!

Not only did my bridal party and family rave about her, so many guests at the wedding came up to us and said how professional she was and that they thought she was incredible capturing so many photos!

Rachel & Drew

Southpointe Golf Club

Her photos just so perfectly encapsulated *us* as a couple, as a family. 

She has this smile that you can see in her eyes – it’s such a genuine part of her – it beckons you to trust her, to listen to her, to have FUN with her.

She found every little moment and emphasized the big moments, too.

She is so passionate about capturing your day, making you feel beautiful. I swear she made the both of us feel like royalty.

Alyssa & George

Oakmont Country Club

Packages Are Customized To You

Below are some packages that fit well with many of my couples. Your booking proposal will include package options that are best for your needs.

Here’s the process!

1. We hop on a call to talk about your wedding, fiance, families, and all of the photography good stuff! (email works too)

2. I send you a booking proposal link with custom packages that suit your specific needs

3. Wedding photography contract + retainer is submitted

4. We plan for the big day!

Base wedding coverage: $4895.

 100%Every wedding package includes:

  • The number of hours that you need for the day (we’ll get this in the call!)
  • High-resolution digital images
  • Color and Black/White for all images
  • Private online gallery
  • Digital rights to print for you + family
  • Wedding album or album credit
  • Personalized timeline consultations + creation
  • Wedding vendor coordination + communication
  • Post-wedding reveal event
  • Heirloom album design consultation
  • 16 years of wedding photography experience
  • Classic & contemporary wedding day coverage unlike any other in Pittsburgh
  • Unique connections with digital and print wedding publications (or complete 100% privacy if you desire!)

Ask any of my previous couples: I do more than show up on your wedding day. I can help you through a LOT of planning. Think of me as your amazing-wedding-photographer-who-also-knows-a-s*&t-ton-about-planning.

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We will be lifelong clients!

I cannot recommend working with Leeann enough! She is extremely skilled and we couldn’t be happier with our photos. We received our wedding photos from her so quickly, and every single photo is gorgeous!

Taylor & Alex

University Club

Having big, loud families was no issue for Leeann! 

She was able to round everyone up and get every picture we wanted while making sure the day was still on track. Leeann truly goes above and beyond to make her couples feel special and cared for.

Mackenzie & Cody

Circuit Center

st paul cathedral pittsburgh wedding ceremonies • 2024/25 Booking Info
Already know we’d be a great match?
Why do you include so much information on this page?

I know – a lot of text. I started making a pricing sheet and realized there was a LOT that I had to say about everything. It’s hard to explain in text, but it’s easy to explain on a call! Let’s schedule – it’ll be quick and painless! 🙂

Do you have a base package?

Yes, my base package is $4895, and includes 8 hours + high-resolution digital images. You can add to this package a la carte with what you need if the packages above don’t work for you.

What does your a la carte list include?
Second Photographer $650
Engagement Session $675
Add’l Wedding Day Hour $375
8×8 Linen Parent Book $500
10×10 Linen Wedding Book $800
12×12 Linen Wedding Book $1050
10×10 Leather Wedding Album $1550
12×12 Leather Wedding Album $1900
Rehearsal Coverage $900
Tell me about your photography vision and style!

love wedding photography. I always look for the best LIGHT. Light that will make your skin look amazing, and light that is interesting and will add to your gallery in a beautiful way.

I believe that your wedding images should capture emotion, light, and a crisp and classic vibe. 

I do not use filters on your images – I am always shooting for beautiful light, interesting background, and moment. Your images should not be trendy, but they should be contemporary.

I am very technicially knowledgeable and can handle lots of situations quickly!

What is your focus on the wedding day?

Single focus? Impossible! 

With over 15 years of wedding-day experience, I am able to manage a lot of things on a wedding day. This includes:

  1. Looking for gorgeous light
  2. Paying attention to the timeline and keeping us on track
  3. Getting to know everyone involved and using their names to build rapport
  4. Looking for small, important moments between my couples and their loved ones
  5. Communicating with key vendors
  6. Helping to coordinate transportation and timing
  7. Couple’s portraits that feel natural, romantic, fun, and elegant
  8. Family portraits that are well-organized and true-to-your relationships
  9. Making sure kids aren’t melting down
  10. Looking for gorgeous light
Why are albums important?

Wedding albums are the single best way to maintain your wedding images. Printing your photos, beautifully displaying them, and placing them in a book that can be around for decades is the best way to utilize your wedding photography investment. 

None of my clients have ever regretted their wedding album. Many of my clients have forgotten to download their online gallery.

How many hours do we need?

I usually find that 8 hours is a great point for most of my wedding couples. Some need more, some need less, and some need a lot more. The number of hours, honestly, is not something that need to be 100% set at booking time. It’s actually best to hash that our with our timeline planning, so that you’re not paying for more than you need but you’re also covered for the important events!

How many photos do we get?

Every gallery is different, but a typical 8-hour wedding gallery includes ~700 color images. They are duplicated into black/white.

Who is your second photographer?

I work with a very short list of second photographers who are amazing pros and who create images that work seamlessly in your gallery.

When / where do we do our engagement session?

When: any time before the wedding, but specifically 6mo prior if you want to use the photos for save-the-dates

Where: I know SO many cool spots! Tell me your vibe and timing and I’ll give you some great options.

What is your turn-around-time?

I share preview images to you via a gallery link within 2 weeks of your wedding (usually much sooner). Your full gallery + album design is released ~4 weeks after your wedding date (usually sooner).

What is your plan for backup, insurance, equipment failure, illness, etc?

OH THE SCARY STUFF! Ha! But really, I have a plan for all of this. Your images are photographed on dual memory cards, and they are backed up in multiple hard drive and cloud locations after the wedding.

I carry liability (1M) and equipment insurance and can provide certificates.

I have multiple cameras, lenses, flashes, cards with me on the wedding day.

If I am incredibly sick (like, reallyreallyreallysick) I have a vast network of professionals to call on for assistance.

I photographed a wedding the day after my dad died, the day after I buried my mom, and two weeks after I gave birth to each of my four children. I literally am a wedding badass.

How do we book you?

All reservations are completed online with an easy link. This reservation includes custom pacakges, the contract, and a retainer of $1500.

The remaining balance is broken into two equal payments: 7 month and 1 month out from your wedding date.

Over 15 years experience as a Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I know the area like none other. I have photographed over 500 weddings in Pittsburgh, and can tell you the best places for large wedding receptions, intimate ceremonies, beautiful engagement photo locations, and my favorite pizza place in the city (hint – It’s on Banksville Road)

I photograph beautiful weather regardless of weather or season. If you’d like to see more of my recent work, you can visit the blog!

Already know we’d be a great match?