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Pittsburgh Family Photographer

pittsburgh family photo during fall season outdoors in pittsburgh • Pittsburgh Family Photography by Leeann Marie
dog family photo with cute little puppy outdoors in beaver pennsylvania • Pittsburgh Family Photography by Leeann Marie
son kissing mom on cheek during autumn family photos in pittsburgh • Pittsburgh Family Photography by Leeann Marie
cute baby girl smiling and holding parents hands during outdoor pittsburgh family photography session • Pittsburgh Family Photography by Leeann Marie
little girl smiling at camera family photos outside in pittsburgh pennsylvania • Pittsburgh Family Photography by Leeann Marie
sisters smiling during outdoor family photo session in beaver county pennsylvania • Pittsburgh Family Photography by Leeann Marie
parents kissing baby cheeks during family photos in pittsburgh • Pittsburgh Family Photography by Leeann Marie
three boys running to camera during pittsburgh family photo session • Pittsburgh Family Photography by Leeann Marie
Want to capture this special time in your family’s life?

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I believe that the photography process should be enjoyable, and that the results should be both candid and classic. I mix my sessions with down-home activity and modern portraits.

At times I’ll give you things to do as a family – play time and open ended adventure. Other times, I’ll pose you to get the more ‘traditional’ photos that tend to go in frames. Both are equally valuable, and

your session should include a process that creates images that are all-encompassing to your family.

I really love working with children and meeting them where they are. I’m always up to sing, dance, be silly, make faces, and let them explore here. Being with them on a personal level allows them to open up to me and my camera in a way that truly captures their personality

650 studio property sessions

Studio Property Location

My studio property is located near Beaver. It is very easy to access from I-376, Rt. 51, Rt.65, and the Turnpike.

When to Reserve

For busy season (aka autumn), you’ll want to get on my calendar in July or August to ensure a prime date. I have an easy online-scheduling system that allows you to choose your family’s ideal date and time.

Session Times + Dates

We aim for the ‘golden hour’ ideally, which is about 2 hours before listed sunset time. This can definitely be flexible, however, since I’m able to work in a variety of lighting situations and produce beautiful images for you. Session dates are available for both weekdays and weekends.

Your Family's Experience

We will walk around the property with your family for a variety of looks. There is a weeping willow tree, long wooded path, open field, and lovely greenery. Depending on the season and weather, we may also hop a ride on the studio’s outdoor vehicle to create images in other parts of the property.

During the session, we will let the kids play a bit, and after the session they can swing on our swing set if they want to (it’s right out in the open – they won’t miss it and they’ll probably want to get on it. It’s large!)

Session Rate + Inclusion

Sessions are 650 and include the photoshoot time, edited images in color and black/white, and an online gallery with print release. You can also order prints, canvases, and heirloom albums from your family photos.

My experience with families

I am the dish-washing, diaper-changing, schedule-organizing mom of four awesome kids. You might meet them at some point if you come to the property for a session!


Joy (9) – loves swimming and being the boss. She’s very responsible and helpful for my sessions if needed.

Bronco (5) – loves Matchbox cars and is obsessed with the weather and natural disasters (?!)

Paige “PJ” (3) – absolutely adorable, and absolutely a nightmare.

Grant (baby) – completed our family

Brad (44) – works hard to keep our grass cut and the property looking beautiful. Married 15 years.


I absolutely love holding newborns, and can answer a million mom-questions. I love the challenge of a two-year-old, and four year olds are really fun! I love talking with the older children to get to know their thoughts, and believe that every age of childhood is fleeting, and thus – incredibly meaningful.