About Leeann
I was once in your shoes – planning my wedding and trying to figure out all of the details. The day turned out beautifully, but

I remember how stressful the logistics were.

When our images were delivered I realized that they just…weren’t good. A friend had taken better photos at the wedding, and we really didn’t have much to show.  That’s the day I became interested in photography and knew that

I would deliver beautiful, classic and true images to my clients.

My Dad walked me down the aisle, and I remember standing with him in the back of Heinz Chapel. He passed away holding our hands in 2019, but in my mind he is the dad behind the closed aisle doors of Heinz Chapel beaming with pride at his baby girl. He was so incredibly proud,

like so many fathers I see on wedding days.

My Mom helped me into my dress, and she was my best friend. She passed away on a Sunday in beautiful October and I miss her dearly. Images from a family session where you can feel our bond are one of my most valuable possessions.

My love for mother/daughter relationships is precious through my lens.

Brad and I welcomed four children into this world, and they are so mischievous, endearing, and unique. When children are at your wedding I capture the joy of childhood.

Our dearest friends are still those that are in our wedding party, and boy – we look young in those photos! Our party was awesome, and our friendships bring so much happiness to our lives!

Your wedding is truly a celebration of your union, and it is so much more.

It’s the important people around you who will be there as the years go on.

I know the wedding-world. I will be in your corner. I create gorgeous, timeless, contemporary images – you deserve them! I cherish families. Your wedding gallery deserves to not only have insanely gorgeous couple’s moments, but images with all of the people that are important to you. It’s not either/or –


it’s AND.
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My Dad and I in the back of Heinz Chapel

 • Leeann Marie Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer About

My amazing Mom.

 • Leeann Marie Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer About

Living the dream!

 • Leeann Marie Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer About

The youngest baby!

Your guest list is intentional

Elope? Nope! Not when the people you love are involved
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My Story

Married young, but so in love – Brad and I have been married for over 15 years. As native Pittsburghers and PITT alums, we were married at the beautiful Heinz Chapel where we said ‘I do!‘ in front of over 150 close family and friends. We partied the night away with them, and served up some family recipes for dinner. It was a blast.

Family and Style inspire my vision

Fast forward, and we now have four kids and have lost two amazing parents. Life has been mostly ups, but a few for-better-or-for-worse moments. We would not be where we are today if it weren’t for our family and friends.

We love our friends. We love our private wooded property. We value time and moments.

Photography has been a way for me to connect with beautiful people over the years. If you see me work, you see that I am incredibly organized and respectful. I treat others like gold, whether they are the catering staff or your VIP parents. I truly hope that your wedding day is the start of a beautiful life for you, as it has been for me!

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Leeann Marie • Leeann Marie Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer About

1) Learn more about your vision + people


I love to hear more about your style and vision - I want to bring that to life, and everyone is unique!
I love to learn about the two of you - what do you love, where did you meet, do you have a DOG?!
I love to understand your family and friends - who are the VIPs that will be celebrating with you?

2) Help with planning for you + VIPs



The logistics of a wedding day can be a LOT. a lot. I have helped with over 400 weddings, and can write a timeline like a boss. Need to know makeup start times? Call me. Wondering which DJs are amazing? Email. I'm in your corner through it all, and can help as the months go on!

3) Work hard + look for moments

Wedding Day

Your wedding day is here! I've got you. Now is the time for you to relax, have fun, and enjoy all of the special moments that make your wedding....SPECIAL. I work so hard for you on your wedding day, because you deserve to be treated like gold. Know I'm there, capturing it all.

4) Create your heirloom album


Your wedding day may be over, but the memories will live forever through your heirloom album. All galleries include digital files, but I truly believe that a wedding heirloom is the best way to preserve your moments and pass along your story to future generations. Your love is what started it all!