A Love Story Unfolds in the Heart of Pittsburgh

Love stories are like artworks, unique and precious, each with its own distinct colors and textures. When Catherine and Nick decided to embark on their journey together, they chose a canvas as grand as their love – the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In this enchanting setting, their classic and contemporary love story came to life, a tale filled with burnt oranges, wildflowers, and heartfelt moments. Take a look at their beautiful Wedding at the Carnegie Museum of Art:

A Luxurious Beginning at The Oaklander

The wedding day began with the bride and groom getting ready at the luxurious hotel, The Oaklander in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh. This modern setting provided the perfect backdrop for the couple to prepare for the most important day of their lives. I loved spending time in the AM getting to know Catherine and her mom better, and then helping the guys get to know how to work some fashion tape. I have lots of skill sets! The chair in the room even was the same shade of brown leather as some of the autumn tones of the wedding, so I had a really great backdrop for detail photos. We even planned a quick Bridesmaids First Look for the day, which was a great way to relieve some of Catherine’s jitters before heading out from the hotel. The elegant ambiance of The Oaklander set the tone for what would be an unforgettable wedding!

A Bride’s Classic and Contemporary Style

Catherine’s style was a perfect blend of classic and contemporary, a perfect reflection of their subtle and stylish personalities. Her choice of burnt oranges and wildflowers, beautifully curated by The Farmer’s Daughter, added a touch of nature’s beauty to the day. The wildflowers perfectly complemented the classic elegance of the venue – I loved her flower selections so much!

A First Look and Captivating Photos

Before the wedding ceremony, Catherine and Nick decided to have a heartwarming first look on the picturesque campus of the University of Pittsburgh. This intimate moment was beautifully captured, setting the stage for an emotional and unforgettable day. Following the first look, they gathered their wedding party for photos at the iconic Mellon Institute Columns, a place that exudes history and charm.

A Ceremony Amongst Art and History

The much-anticipated wedding ceremony took place in the Carnegie Museum’s Hall of Sculpture. As Catherine was gracefully walked down the aisle by her brother, guests couldn’t help but be captivated by the stunning surroundings. The classic sculptures and art pieces add to the elegance of the venue. You can see how excited her mom and grandmother were for the wedding, and I loved the sweet moment of these two generations of women holding hands as the next generation came down the aisle.

A Touch of Family Love

Before the ceremony, family photos took place. But this wasn’t just any ordinary family portrait session! Right after we took a photo of Grandma with all of her grandkids, I ensured that all of the grandkids sang Happy Birthday to their beloved 90-year-old Grandma! The smile on her face was BRIGHT – she was a dream!

Capturing Moments with Dinosaurs and Elegance

Post-ceremony, the newlyweds ventured into the museum’s dinosaur exhibit for some truly unique and unforgettable photos. The juxtaposition of love and prehistoric history made for captivating visuals. They also took pictures on the museum’s Grand Staircase, a breathtaking backdrop for photos filled with grandeur.

A Grand Reception in the Music Foyer

The wedding reception took place in the museum‘s Music Foyer, a majestic setting that perfectly complemented the couple’s timeless love. The space was filled with love, laughter, and the sound of No Bad JuJu, the talented band that provided the evening’s entertainment.

The Talented Vendors

A special thanks to the talented vendors who made this dream wedding come to life:

  • Bakery: Alex Robba Cake – for crafting a delicious and beautiful wedding cake that satisfied both the eyes and taste buds.
  • Flowers: The Farmer’s Daughter – for creating stunning floral arrangements that perfectly complemented the bride’s style.
  • Band: No Bad JuJu – for providing the perfect musical backdrop to the couple’s celebration of love.

In conclusion, Catherine and Nick’s wedding at the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History was a masterpiece, a blend of classic elegance and contemporary love. The museum’s art and history provided a perfect canvas for their love story, making it a day to remember for a lifetime.

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Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Leeann Marie Golish, has been photographing classic and contemporary weddings for over 16 years.
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