The Omni William Penn Hotel is by far one of my favorite, and most-frequented, wedding venues here in Pittsburgh. Every year I photograph so many beautiful weddings in the Grand Ballroom, ceremonies in the Urban Room, and brides getting ready in the spacious suites.

Your dream wedding deserves a dream location, and the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers just that. Nestled in the heart of the city, this historic and iconic hotel is a timeless choice for those seeking a memorable and elegant wedding experience. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the various wedding spaces and offerings at the Omni William Penn.

The Grand Ballroom: A Majestic Setting

The Grand Ballroom at the Omni William Penn, located on the 17th floor of the hotel, is an exquisite space that can accommodate up to 450 guests, making it perfect for large, lavish affairs. With its dazzling crystal chandeliers and ornate details, this ballroom is the epitome of opulence. Its spacious dance floor ensures your guests can dance the night away, and the elegant ambiance is sure to leave a lasting impression. I love weddings in the Grand Ballroom for their space, classic elegance, and privacy from the rest of the hotel.

I have seen some beautiful decor in the space as well, from strung lights (EF Lighting) to luxurious decor (Shayla Hawkins Events) to lavish Indian Weddings (Olive and Rose Events) – the space is truly a wonderful canvas for a luxury wedding.

The Urban Room: AN ART-DECO Oasis

The Urban Room is a versatile space with a capacity of up to 180 guests. It provides a modern and stylish setting, with large windows and art-deco style. Ceremonies can also take place here, with my Indian weddings or wedding ceremonies setup in this space. Often, couples will hold either their wedding ceremony in the Urban Room or their cocktail hour. The Urban Room hosts wedding receptions with a different feel than the other ballrooms.

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The William Penn Ballroom: A Party Place

Located on the lower level of the hotel, the William Penn Ballroom offers a private setting, for large weddings at the Omni. The William Penn Ballroom can also hold a large number of guests and has a large space for your dace floor. After your wedding reception, you and your friends can head over to the Speakeasy for some late-night cocktails, as it’s on the same level of the hotel as the William Penn Ballroom. This space has a stage for a champagne tower, and lots of room for you and your numerous guests to party the night away!

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Bob And Dolores Hope Room

Looking for a more intimate wedding space at the Omni? The Bob and Dolores Hope Ballroom on the Grant Street side of the building is perfect for smaller guest counts. You can still have a dance floor in the room, and enjoy your first dance on the balcony overlooking your cocktail hour. The space has a classic old-Pittsburgh vibe with wood paneling and elegant touches.

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Pricing and Packages

The Omni William Penn Hotel offers a range of wedding packages to suit various budgets and preferences. These packages often include catering, bar services, cake cutting, linens, and more. The hotel’s dedicated wedding team will work with you to create a customized package that ensures every detail of your day is picture-perfect. The event team (that I love!!) have recently opened a wedding suite on the main floor of the building to view wedding features and pick your favorite linens. I have worked so many times at the Omni that I even have a favorite wedding server (shoutout to Art!) – the entire staff is amazing.

Luxurious Guest Rooms

The Omni offers a selection of luxurious guest rooms and suites, making it convenient for your out-of-town guests. One of the reasons my out-of-town wedding couples choose the Omni for their wedding is that all of the guests can enjoy the beautiful wedding celebration, and then retire to their beautiful hotel rooms at the end of the evening. The hotel is truly an all-encompassing location for your wedding and guests.

Picture-Perfect Locations

One of the highlights of a wedding at the Omni William Penn is the myriad of stunning photo locations within and around the hotel. From the classic lobby with its marble floors and huge chandeliers to the historic architecture of the exterior, there are countless options for capturing beautiful moments.

I love to photograph my wedding couples on the Mellon Green or Mellon Square spaces, and also in the city streets surrounding the hotel. Looking for gorgeous evening photos? Look no further than the main entrance of the hotel on William Penn Place!

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Rave Reviews

Don’t just take my word for it – the Omni William Penn Hotel has garnered numerous positive reviews from newlyweds who celebrated their special day at this iconic venue. Guests have praised the attentive staff, the beautiful surroundings, and the overall magical experience.

Indian Weddings at the Omni

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur, and the Omni William Penn is no stranger to hosting these elaborate affairs. As one of the few places in Pittsburgh large enough to host an Indian Wedding, the Omni does it right! With spacious ballrooms, flexible catering options, and experienced event planners, the hotel accommodates the various customs and traditions that make Indian weddings truly special. I have truly enjoyed my Hindu ceremonies in the Urban Room and a fun barrat on the city streets!

 • Omni William Penn Hotel Weddings | Leeann Marie Photography

Bridal Suite at the Omni William Penn Hotel

When your wedding is at the Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, it just makes sense to get ready there too! It’s a great hotel for wedding parties to stay and get ready for the big day together. I photograph bridal preparations in a variety of suites at the Omni, but there are a few rooms that are larger and connected that make great places for the wedding party to do their hair and makeup.

I love that these suites have great natural light for the makeup artists and also for photos. Sometimes I the bride to prepares in a separate room attached to the main bridal suite area, where she can have some privacy.

The wedding party gets dressed in the other areas and this allows us to not “lose” anyone who might otherwise leave to go to their hotel room to get dressed. It works out really well! The Omni William Penn also has great mirrors in these rooms, and if it’s a rainy day we can do portraits in this space as well! These bridal suites make for great photos of elegant wedding pictures with family and friends while still allowing everyone to have lots of prep space!

In conclusion, the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA, is a breathtaking venue for weddings of all sizes and styles. With its variety of elegant event spaces, luxurious accommodations, and an experienced team ready to make your dream wedding a reality, this iconic hotel should be at the top of your list when planning your special day. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, the Omni William Penn Hotel has it all. It’s a place where dreams become cherished memories, and love stories are celebrated in style.


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