8 Easy Steps to Finding the Perfect (for you) Wedding Photographer

Finding the perfect wedding photographer (for you) can make or break your wedding day. You want to make sure that the person you choose understands you as a couple, knows what you’re looking for, and that you can trust their artistic vision along with what they bring to your wedding day organization and experience. I have found that there really are eight steps to finding the perfect wedding photographer (for you). Let’s go!

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  1. Figure out what style you love: Are you looking for someone who is really documentary, or someone who is really ‘artistic’? What does ‘artistic’ mean to you? is it in a style of editing, a way that they shoot, what the backgrounds of images look like, or their lighting? What draws you into different wedding images that you see online, and what can you instantly tell that you dislike as you’re searching? The more you’re able to figure out the style that you’re drawn to, the more you can start to narrow down photographers. If you’re not coming from the photography-world, this may be hard to verbalize, but start to get an inspiration board together and look at it as a whole to figure out your stylistic vision.
  2. Set your budget: Wedding photography can be both cheap and expensive, and it’s up to you to set your budget. However, lots of couples go into the wedding photographer search not understanding what their ideal photographers may cost and not having a budget set. The more honest you are with photographers about your budget, the more they can help you to choose a wedding photography package that suits your need and bank account. Keep in mind, your photography will be with you forever, so if you have a stretch to really nail down the photographer you love – it’s definitely worth it!
  3. Research and short list photographers: Once you have an idea of your specific style and budget, it’s time to research. Look at photographer’s social media and websites to find who you’re visually drawn to. From there, see if they have an investment page that shows you their starting cost for wedding packages. Some photographers put all of their package information online, while others keep that info under-wraps. You might have to do some emails with them to get a clear picture of investment. Once you have found no more than three photographers who suit your needs, it’s time to setup calls with them. UNLESS: Unless you absolutely love someone, their style, their vision, and you have recommendations for them from other people. Then it is totally OK to book them! Lots of my clients do this!!
  4. Review the photographer’s work and style: Make sure you look for consistency. Ask to see a few full galleries. Many photographers are great at portraits, but when it comes to moments they may fall short. Some photographers thrive outdoors, but ballrooms are not their strong place. Try to ask for galleries that line up with your wedding locations and seasons, and make sure that their entire galleries are consistent with the work that they share on social and websites.
  5. Have a discovery call with them: Time to chat and talk personality! Sure, on your call you can discuss timeline, who is who, wedding style, etc – but the discovery call is a great time to make sure you just love them as a person! You’ll be hanging out with them all day, so make sure your photographer is a real person that you actually like. I know a lot of photographers who do great, artistic work … and they’re jerks. Just sayin!
  6. Check references and reviews: Read up on their Google or Knot reviews. Ask friends who have worked with them. Ask your venues about them. Make sure the person that you’re draw to for style, budget, and personality doesn’t have any hidden demons.
  7. Finalize the contract and details: It’s time to go! SIGN THE CONTRACT. So many couples find someone they love and then hmmmm and hawwwww over whether it’s the right decision, or they go down a rabbit hole on social media of other styles or photographers when they’re bored one night. You’ve done the research – sign the contract and cross it off of your list!!
  8. Trust their vision: You did your research, and hopefully you’ve hired me – I mean, found the perfect wedding photographer for you (which may still be me 😉 ) Now it’s time to lean on their expertise and vision. Ask them questions about style. Send them inspiration of what you love. Create a great plan together, so that on your wedding day you can truly trust their vision and have your wedding day come to life in front of your eyes for years to come.

This post was written by Leeann Marie Photography – THE REAL PERSON. xo

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