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My love for photographing weddings stems from my own experience – a not so good one. Our wedding photographer provided a handful of images that we liked, and the experience left a lot to be desired. Perhaps that’s why it took me over five years to even think about creating a wedding album for our home…

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Seven years after we were married, we welcomed our daughter into our lives, and my view of wedding photography once again changed – for the better. I had always loved the details, the love stories, and the incredible parties, but now I see true stories through my lens. I see a little girl who was once a baby, now walking down the aisle as her parents watch with tears in the corners of their eyes. I see a father peeking through the doorway to see his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time – both anxious for a look, and afraid that he may see his baby floating away. I see grandparents dancing one last time together, only a story that would play out a few weeks later. I see best friends together on a day that would very soon be ‘way back when’, and I see children who were carefree participate in the greatest day of their uncle’s lives.


Each and every wedding I photograph has a story, and I believe that story should live on for years through classic wedding images. I believe that tradition is important, and creativity is something to be welcomed. I believe that every wedding story, and thus every wedding gallery, should be different. I believe that every couple deserves to be treated like gold on their wedding day, and that having someone in your corner with a timeline in one hand and your best interest in the other is invaluable.


I have photographed weddings in the Pittsburgh area since 2009, and am honored to be a national speaker with Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, INSPIRE Photo Retreats, and Mystic Seminars. My works has been featured on the cover of Pittsburgh Weddings Magazine, as well as WHIRL Magazine, The Knot Magazine, and numerous online publications. I served on the board of the International Live Events Association Pittsburgh Chapter, and also hold a degree in Industrial Engineering from my alma mater – PITT! I excel in stressful situations, and love a good challenge – all the while remaining calm and often wearing heels. Perhaps that’s why one local wedding blogger calls me the “Beyonce of Wedding Photography“, a title I’ll gladly accept.

I live in the Pittsburgh area with my husband, Brad, our children: Joy, Bronco, and Paige. You can see more of them on my InstaStories

Want to talk more? Please reach out! I’m easy to contact.

Leeann Marie Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer
Leeann Marie Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer