Wedding Ceremony Photo Rules First Presby Pittsburgh
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Wedding Ceremony Photo Rules First Presby Pittsburgh

What is it like to have your wedding ceremony at First Presbyterian Church in Downtown Pittsburgh? First - a one word answer - BEAUTIFUL!

The church itself both interior and exterior is gorgeous, and I love photography at this church. It's just stunning! However, maybe you have heard a bit about the photography rules and have questions....

Obeying Church Rules for Wedding Photography

One of the first things that to mention is that photography, in my opinion, does not take precedence over a religious ceremony. The church rules should always be adhered to, and any photographer who blatantly disregards church rules and interrupts a wedding ceremony is rude. That's my personal opinion! I truly believe it is respectful to follow the politely requested church rules and to make the best of any situation for photography. My job is to ALWAYS create beautiful images with any limitations placed. If I didn't do that for my clients, I wouldn't be a professional!

Photography at First Presbyterian Church Pittsburgh

How does this apply to photography for ceremonies at First Presbyterian? They ask that their wedding photographers stay at the back of the church behind the last seated guest. Of course, I always hope that the ushers seat guests as close to the front as possible :) Given this, there is a not a lot of options for different 'angles' on a wedding ceremony at First Presby. In that case, I work with lenses on my cameras that allow me to get 'up close', without physically being close to the guests and my couple. I work with different crops for images, and shoot both wide-angle and telephoto images to create coverage of the wedding ceremony that is visually interesting despite being photographed from one location!

Location: 320 Sixth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

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