Weddings in the Bob and Dolores Hope Ballroom

Weddings in the Bob and Dolores Hope Ballroom

Thinking of holding your wedding in the Bob and Dolores Hope Room at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh? It's a great choice! This room is on the 'back' side of the hotel, near Grant Street, and is located on the second floor of the building. Cocktail hour is typically hosted in an adjoining room, and you can have your first dance on a balcony right outside of the Bob Hope Room, like shown in this picture!

Wedding Receptions in the Bob Hope Room

The Bob and Dolores Hope room features mahogany walls and a plaster ceiling with large windows on one side of the room. The room can accommodate up to 150 guests, and is a perfect place to have an elegant, intimate wedding reception in Pittsburgh. I love that the room has white ceilings for photography purposes, and the mahogany walls still make it an elegant backdrop with style. The dance floor area is setup to the side of the guest tables, and I have experienced both DJs and wedding bands setup in this reception space.

Omni William Penn Bob Hope Room Setup

Outside of the Bob Hope Room there is an elevator entrance down the hall, and I have seen really beautiful guest entry tables with escort cards set up in this space. It makes for a lovely entrance to the second floor event space. I have also seen photo booths setup outside of the room on the balcony area, which make for a good location to still be a part of the action, but not have the Photo Booth directly in the reception space. There are easy to access restrooms for guests as well!

Balcony in Omni William Penn

This photo shows a bride and groom dancing on a balcony outside fo the Bob and Dolores Hope room. This is a great place for a wedding first dance. Guests often enjoy a cocktail hour in a room close by, and then they are invited to watch the first dance from the other side of this balcony area. It's a beautiful location and very grand to watch this kind of first dance.

What I love about weddings in the Bob Hope Room

The Omni William Penn Hotel has so many different varying spaces for reception events. From the Grand Ballroom to the William Penn Ballroom in the basement - both of them are quite large and hold big groups for events. What I love most about the Bob and Dolores Hope Ballroom is that it has a more intimate feel for smaller wedding receptions! Now, this does it need to be an extraordinarily small event but guests lists under 100 fit really well in this room. The dance floor is still very accessible and open for your wedding guess but the entire room does not feel overwhelming.

Location: 530 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh PA.

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