Wedding Ceremony and Reception at The Edgeworth Club

Wedding Ceremony and Reception at The Edgeworth Club

Unveiling Elegance: A Charming August Wedding at The Edgeworth Club

Weddings at The Edgeworth Club, Pittsburgh Wedding Venue

Nestled in the picturesque town of Edgeworth, just a stone's throw away from Pittsburgh, Brittney and Derek's exquisite August wedding was a celebration that embraced elegance and timeless charm. The Edgeworth Club, an enchanting venue known for its rich history and refined ambiance, set the stage for their memorable union.

Saying "I Do" in the Heart of Edgeworth

As the sun's warm embrace marked the beginning of a beautiful August day, Brittney and Derek embarked on a journey that would forever bind their hearts. The Edgeworth Club, an iconic landmark with its historic charm, provided the perfect backdrop for their vows.

Wedding reception at The Edgeworth Club

A Dream Venue: The Edgeworth Club

Situated in the heart of Edgeworth, this prestigious club boasts a unique blend of classic architecture and modern amenities. The venue's timeless elegance effortlessly complemented the couple's vision for their special day. The Edgeworth Club's luxurious dance hall radiated an atmosphere of sophistication, creating a magical ambiance for the reception.

Brittney got ready for the big day in the upstairs bridal suite, while Derek enjoyed some time with the guys in the lower area of the club. The ceremony was held in the window-filled foyer, where the natural light poured in as guests looked on for their vows and ring exchange.

Blooms of Elegance: The Farmers Daughter

Brittney's bouquet and the wedding's floral arrangements were masterfully crafted by The Farmers Daughter Flowers. Their artistic touch brought an enchanting fusion of white and green blooms, perfectly aligning with the wedding's color palette. Their style was elegant and classic - a mix that white and greens are always perfect for.

Radiant Beauty: Glam To Go

Understated elegance marked Brittney's bridal look, thanks to the talented hands of Glam To Go. Their expertise in hair and makeup enhanced her natural beauty, making her the epitome of timeless grace. I mean, look at this photo of Brittney! Her winged eyeliner is PERFECTION!

Wedding Ceremony Bride and Groom at The Edgeworth Club Sewickley

A Dress to Remember: The Exquisite Bride

The wedding dress, a masterpiece from The Exquisite Bride, showcased Brittney's unique style. With every intricate detail and flowing silhouette, it told a story of romance and individuality. I loved the train of the gown with all of the lace - a detail that we were sure to emphasize in her wedding portraits with Derek throughout the day. Need to show off the train!

Capturing Every Moment: Penderville Wedding Films

JT from Penderville Wedding Films was the creative eye behind the video camera, immortalizing each precious moment with finesse. His expertise captured the essence of the day, ensuring that every glance, every smile, and every tear would be cherished for generations to come. JT was also a pleasure to work with and brought a nice calm demeanor to the day that we all really enjoyed. He's a good guy!

A Palette of Perfection: White and Green

The wedding's color palette, a fusion of crisp white and fresh green, created an atmosphere of purity and renewal. The couple's choice of colors symbolized the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, filled with love, growth, and endless possibilities.

A Toast to Love: The Champagne Tower

Guests raised their glasses to toast Brittney and Derek's love with a stunning champagne tower. The tower's effervescent bubbles mirrored the couple's joy and excitement as they embarked on their journey as newlyweds. Bonus? The tower didn't fall over. I always get nervous that it might!

Wedding Ceremony at The Edgeworth Club Pittsburgh

A Foyer of Dreams: The Ceremony

The Edgeworth Club foyer served as the ethereal setting for the ceremony. Bathed in natural light and adorned with delicate floral arrangements, it provided an intimate space for the couple to exchange their vows, surrounded by loved ones. The foyer has tons of windows that I really loved and a high ceiling. It really felt elegant and bright!

Dance into Forever: The Reception

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the dance hall came to life with the sounds of laughter and music. Friends and family celebrated the newlyweds' union in a space that seamlessly blended history with modernity, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Witnessing the Timeless Union

Brittney and Derek's August wedding at The Edgeworth Club showcased the magic of love, history, and elegance intertwined. From the historic venue to the meticulously curated details, every element spoke of a love story that will endure the test of time. As the lights dimmed and the music played on, their journey into forever began, leaving an indelible mark on the heart of Edgeworth.

Wedding Ceremony at The Edgeworth Club Pittsburgh
Planning an Edgeworth Club wedding? I love the venue!

Location: The Edgeworth Club, 511 East Dr, Sewickley, PA 15143.

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