St Paul Cathedral Pittsburgh Wedding Ceremony Photos

St Paul Cathedral Pittsburgh Wedding Ceremony Photos

One of Pittsburgh's most beautiful churches, St. Paul Cathedral in the Oakland are of Pittsburgh is the perfect place for a grand wedding ceremony. This location is a gorgeous Catholic church in the heart of Pittsburgh, and is the central location of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh. Whether you have a small or large guest list, your wedding invitees will be "wow-ed" by this wedding ceremony location.

St Paul Cathedral WeddingsSt Paul Cathedral Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremonies at St. Paul Cathedral

During a wedding ceremony at St. Paul Cathedral, the groomsmen will greet guests and seat them in their pews down the long cathedral aisle. The bride and bridesmaids have a 'holding area' in a room off to the side of the Cathedral entrance, where they will wait until they are setup for the ceremony processional.

The processional will take place down the long wedding aisle of St Paul Cathedral, and the bride and groom will meet at the front of the ceremony and greet the priest for the start of their Catholic wedding ceremony.

The ceremony can include communion and a prayer to the Holy Mother, and following the wedding the bride and groom will process down the aisle together with smiles plastered on their faces!

St Paul Cathedral Wedding PicturesSt Paul Cathedral Wedding Photos

St Paul Cathedral Wedding Pics

Photography Angles for St Paul Cathedral Ceremonies

Wondering where your photographer can go for photos during your wedding ceremony at St Paul Cathedral? There are definitely options! As long as you're respectful, photographers can move around the church quietly for photos during the wedding ceremony. When I photograph weddings here, I typically will be in the front of the church for the processional, but then I will move to the sides of the church (out of guest view) after the bride and groom go up front for the ceremony. It's important to not stand in the middle aisle beyond the guests, but with the help of 'long' photos lenses, I can get up-close pictures of the bride and groom during the ceremony. In addition, the balcony is a wonderful location for photos during St Paul ceremonies!

St Paul Cathedral Pittsburgh Wedding Ceremony

Family Formal Photos in St Paul Cathedral

After the wedding ceremony, it's typical that the couple will take photos with their families at the front of the church. This is the formal wedding photo part of the day. There is a limited amount of time for these photos, so it's best to prioritize the images that you would like in the front of the church before you must exit.

These photos can be tricky. Why? The light can be interesting in the church, especially on sunny days, when some of the altar may be lit with sunlight and the rest is in shadow. This can make it tough to light family portraits evenly, but that is something I am used to tackling! In addition, your photographer needs to be very organized so that you can get the most photos inside as possible before your time in the church has ended.

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St Paul Cathedral Pittsburgh Wedding Family Photos

Photos outside of St Paul Cathedral for weddings

After your ceremony and formal family photos inside of St Paul Cathedral, you can step outside of the church for additional photos. Although the Mellon Institute Columns and University of Pittsburgh are within walking distance, there is also a beautiful location outside of the rectory for family photos! This is a small courtyard with pretty light and a casual atmosphere for your family images.

St Paul Cathedral Outside Wedding PictureSt Paul Cathedral University of Pittsburgh Weddings

In addition to the courtyard outside of the rectory, you can move to the front of St Paul Cathedral where the architecture is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Wedding photos on the stairs are a wonderful option, and produce a truly classic vibe for your wedding day pictures!

St Paul Cathedral Pittsburgh Wedding Pic CeremonySt Paul Cathedral Wedding Ceremony Pics
St Paul Cathedral Pittsburgh Oakland Wedding Photos
Planning a wedding at St. Paul Cathedral? I've worked there a lot!

Location: 108 N Dithridge St, Pittsburgh PA 15213.

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