Southpointe Golf Club Recommended Wedding Photographer

Southpointe Golf Club Recommended Wedding Photographer

Southpointe Golf Club is a beautiful venue for your wedding ceremony and reception in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. This golf club is located in the Southpointe complex, very near to the exit off of I-79 highway. It's easy to access for guests, and there are numerous hotel choices in the Southpointe area for them to stay!

Wedding Ceremonies at Southpointe Golf Club

The wedding ceremony for this beautiful May wedding was held outdoors on the back patio area of the golf club. I really loved this ceremony setup! The bride entered from the reception ballroom doors, and walked down a long aisle at the top of the ceremony site. This was a great way to have a grand entrance where all of the guests could see her walking into the ceremony. She came down a few stairs and met with her groom on the landing, which was raised for everyone to see.

Some photographers might argue that this ceremony setup makes for difficult angles, but I actually loved the challenge of capturing the event from multiple angles! I photographed the bride and her dad walking down the aisle while hiding behind a column, and then was able to photograph the wedding and guests looking out over the golf course from this same angle. After that, I snuck through the Southpointe Golf Club and came out a lower patio door where I could use a long lens on my camera to photograph the bride and groom from lower angles and also a wide angle photograph of the entire ceremony setup. Their ceremony was giving me serious Tuscan vibes, and I loved it!

Wedding Receptions at Southpointe Golf Club

After the wedding ceremony, the reception was held In the Southpointe ballroom. This ballroom was large enough for over 100 guests, with a dance floor in the center of the room. One of the things I really loved about this wedding venue was the large outdoor deck that was attached to the ballroom and overlooked the golf course. This deck allowed for wedding guests to get some fresh air and a little more quiet time during the reception by simply stepping right outside, yet close enough to go back into the wedding and grab a drink at the bar or rejoin the dance floor.

Wedding Pictures at Southpointe Gold Club

In between the ceremony and reception, we were able to take wedding pictures at the golf club on the course. We were provided with golf carts for easy transportation, and headed out to a nearby hole for scenic photos on the greens. I loved that we could get the Southpointe Golf Club in the back of the wedding pictures, since it told more of the story about their wedding day than simple greenery. However, we still took advantage of the sweeping long greens for some classic wedding photos! Before the wedding ceremony, we took family photos in front of the golf course under the valet entrance. It was a really pretty location as well!

Location: 360 Southpointe Blvd, Canonsburg, PA 15317.

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