how to plan a bridesmaids first look on your wedding day

how to plan a bridesmaids first look on your wedding day

Bridesmaids first looks! Not all of my brides include them in their wedding coverage, but I do think that they add some fun to the gallery when we plan them!

How to plan a bridesmaid first look

Do your bridesmaids need to get ready in a totally different location? Nope! The first part of your wedding day can be exactly like you would normally have it - all of the bridesmaids getting ready together in one location. Play some music! Reminisce! Get hair and makeup done together! This is a really fun part of the day, and it's best enjoyed with the special people in your wedding party!

After all of the hair and makeup is done, I like to have the bridesmaids get ready in whatever location they'd like. Some of them choose to get ready in the same room as the original prep. Sometimes this is a large conference room or a hotel suite. Other times, they will go to their individual hotel rooms to get ready and into their dresses or suits.

While the bridesmaids are getting ready, it's the bride's turn to get into her dress. I usually ask the bridesmaids to clear the room with the exception of whoever may be helping the bride to get into her dress. At that time, the bride will get into her wedding dress, shoes, veil, and jewelry. This is also a great way to do things, because it ensures that there is not too much of a crowd watching the bride at this special time and she can have a little quiet before everything really kicks off!

Where to do a bridesmaid first look?

The most important thing for a good bridesmaid first look is having a nice large location with plenty of light. For this photo, right outside of the bridal suite, with great light and enough space was a great option. There were nice big windows for light, and the room was actually split into two sections with the gold separators. The bride got dressed on one side while the bridesmaids hung out in the other area of the conference room. Once the bride was all ready, the bridesmaids were lined up - eyes closed. We counted to three and they were able to see their gorgeous friend for the first time as a bride!

If a conference room won't work, hotel rooms can also be great choices - or even outdoors as long as the groom isn't around!

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