Pittsburgh Proposal Photography

Capture the big surprise!

Photographing your proposal is a really fun and exciting process! You spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect ring, and how to make everything work. Trust me - you'll want photos of the big surprise!

Some of my future-fiances know exactly where and when they will propose, while others need help ironing out the details. I'm here to help through any planning kinks you may have - I've photographed lots of proposals!

$400 for proposal + small portrait session following

Heinz Hall Proposal Engagement
Proposal Engagement Photos at Heinz Hall
$400 for proposal + small portrait session following

Discounted cash option

Give me a general Idea of your plans for the day, or what you know you'll want in terms of timing and I can provide location ideas.

Not from Pittsburgh? Let me know where you'll be staying and I can help you plan from there.

Do you need skyline scenery? If that matters to you, let me know.
Once we know the location, I'll ask that you stand with the ideal scenery to your SIDE. This will allow me to photograph you on one knee with the view or best light in the background.
Yes, on the day-of the BEST way to reach me is my cell.
Try to dress up a little bit for any reason you can. It's nice for the photos after the proposal.
Yes, I'll text you a few photos once I'm back to my office that day so that you can share the good news with family and friends.
Usually my time with you is about 30-40 minutes.
  • Proposal planning assistance
  • Photography of the BIG EVENT
  • Small portrait session after the proposal (~20 minutes)
  • Day-of photos texted to share with friends + family
  • Fully-edited online gallery of all Images ~2-3 weeks after
  • Easy proposal process and lots of experience!
  • Solidify the date
    • We need a solid date to get you on my schedule + planning
  • Solidify a time
    • Timing should first be based on daylight, which is best for a proposal and easiest for non-obtrusive photos
    • If you plan to propose in the evening, that's fine, but know that flash will be used and it may be less of a "surprise" as a result 1 hour prior to sunset is a great time
  • Sign online contract
    • You'll need to sign a quick online contract to retain the date + time on my calendar! It's pretty easy
  • Decide how you want to pay
    • Sessions are $424 total if paid with credit card or after session date
    • Sessions are $375 total if paid with cash on the day-of or Venmo prior to the session
  • Solidify a location
    • Where are you planning to propose?
    • Is it in a public space?
    • Private area?
    • This will have an impact on where I can be to "blend in"
    • I have lots of location suggestions If you need them!
  • Text me a photo of you two
    • I'll need to know who to look for on the day-of!
  • DAY-BEFORE text to confirm timing + location
  • DAY-OF text to confirm timing
    • Close to proposal time
    • Let me know If you are running behind for any reason
    • Enjoy and Good Luck!
You'll be all set! I'll be at the location prior to your arrival and looking for you. I usually will try to blend In and look like I"m photographing the scenery or playing on my phone. I'll start taking photos once you are in place and talking/getting ready.

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