Robinson Township Newborn Photographers Pittsburgh

Robinson Township Newborn Photographers Pittsburgh

A baby in a bowl - how cute!

For this image, I gathered a lot of gray tones that I have in my studio for this little boy. I wanted to use my bowl prop, and so I set it up with some soft fabrics and grabbed a little bonnet as well!

This newborn boy came to visit me from Imperial, which is close to Robinson Township. He came to the photo studio with his mom this day, and we were able to chat together while we calmed him, burped and wrapped, and even changed a diaper - before we started the photo session! Sometimes it's all about just spending some time with my new moms - something that any new mom could use - a friend!

I love that this newborn photo includes soft fabrics and a happy, wrapped baby. If you'd love photos of your baby like this, come and see me at Leeann Marie Studio!

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