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Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Weddings

If you’re planning an timeless hotel wedding in the Pittsburgh area (and close to the airport for guests!), the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott is a wonderful location. The area around the hotel also features numerous restaurants and attractions for wedding guests during their stay, and the hotel is expansive and newly renovated.

Courtyard Cocktail Hours

Most of the cocktail hours that I have experienced at the Airport Marriott weddings have been in the courtyard area, which is a lovely option on a day with beautiful weather. If wedding guests will be inside for your ceremony and reception, why not treat them to an outdoor cocktail hour to get some fresh air and drinks? There is typically one bar setup, and guests can mingle and enjoy small bites before the main event in one of the reception ballrooms.

Monongahela / Ohio / Allegheny Room Wedding Reception

These three rooms all open up to each other, so the reception space can be as large as needed for your wedding guest count. I especially love the hints of dark wood on the room, as it adds an elegant touch. Of course, the bright ceilings and walls are wonderful for photography, and also allow brides and grooms to decorate the space as desired. The Monongahela, Ohio, and Allegheny ballrooms are on the first level of the Airport Marriott hotel, and easy to get to from the cocktail hour in the courtyard area. I think that this space is ideal for couples who have a guest count of around 75-150, as the space nicely holds this number of guests without feeling overwhelming.

  • Seating for ~Up to 225 (for all three rooms)
  • Low, white ceilings
  • Room for a wedding party head table
  • Center dance floor
  • Cookie Table area


A bride and groom pose in front of the hotel on an October Day at the Marriott in Pittsburgh. A wedding reception dance in the Ohio Room at the Airport Marriott. Simple wedding decor for the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott wedding reception. A wedding reception in the Grand Ballroom area of the Airport Marriott. A large head table inside of Salon A through Salon E at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. A wedding couple pose for pictures int he Courtyard at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. Wedding reception decor in the ballroom at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. A bride dances with her father during her wedding reception at the Airport Marriott. Groomsmen taking pictures in the Courtyard at the Airport Marriott. Wedding pictures in the Courtyard at the Airport Marriott.

Salon Ballroom Wedding Receptions

The Salon Ballrooms at the Airport Marriott are a bit larger, and I have photographed a wedding where the wedding ceremony was held in two of the Salon Ballrooms, and then the entire space was opened up for the wedding reception. These ballrooms also boast newly renovated features, and are easily accessible from cocktail hour. Brides and Grooms can greet their guests at the doors to the ballroom as they enter for the reception. There is a large dance floor in the center of the room, and guest tables on either side. There is also space for two bars, cookie table, wedding cake, DJ booth, and head table. This is a large room for an Airport Marriott wedding reception!

  • Split the room for ceremony + reception
  • 225 – 650 
  • Large dance floor
  • Head table space
  • Cookie Table in hallway
  • DJ booth setup
  • Higher Guest Counts


Weddings Photos at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott


There are a few places on the actual property that are great for wedding photos. Once your guests have exited from cocktail hour in the courtyard, you can enjoy some tree time to photograph your wedding pictures in this space with greenery and trees. It’s easily walkable, and has some pretty color in the fall season.

I also enjoy photographing couples in the front of the building. I have one photo of a bride and groom in front of bright red bushes, and that was actually taken in the parking lot at the Marriott!! It’s one of my signature brand images – how about that! There is some nice color, and incorporating the Marriott building is also a great way to show off your venue in a timeless way.

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Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

pittsburgh airport marriott wedding
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