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Frank J. Pasquerilla Weddings

For the Johnstown, PA couple who is looking for a touch of class and also a space that can fit all of your friends and family, then the Johntown Pasquerilla Conference Center is a great place to host your wedding reception. The space is incredibly large, has a drop-down screen to show your baby-photos, and you can hang chandeliers to use as additional visual interest to the large space.

I really love that you can make this space your own with your reception decor, while also having plenty of space for your wedding guests to mix and mingle. There’s nothing worse than an over-crowded event room, and at the Pasquerilla Center you have lots of space to work with!

Johnstown couples who are looking for a classy and spacious venue may find that this is the perfect place for them. In addition, the Pasquerilla Center is also nearby to local hotels, and can be easily accessed from the large highways running through the Johnstown area.

Johnstown Wedding Photographer

Am I one? Yep! My husband grew up in the Johnstown area, so we visit frequently to see family and friends! I love working in Johnstown, and am familiar with the area and places to take photos. Some of my favorite images have been from the University of Pittsburgh campus, Westmont, and even up by the incline. There are even hidden tree-lined streets and parks to visit for your wedding photos. I may be driving in from Pittsburgh, but photographing Johnstown weddings is absolutely something that I offer!


The Pasquerilla Conference Center is a huge space for a large wedding reception in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. This Johnstown couple opted for photos on the UPJ Campus. The Conference Center can have a large head table and plenty of space for dancing, drinks, and sweets. This bride and groom took photos after their wedding ceremony at St. Benedicts up near the top of the incline, and then moved down into the main area of Johnstown for their reception at the Pasquerilla Center.


301 Napolean Street, Johnstown


Frank J. Pasquerilla Center

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