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Omni William Penn Hotel Weddings

If you’re planning an elegant, stately hotel wedding in the Pittsburgh area, the Omni William Penn Hotel has numerous reception room options for you. Located in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, the Omni William Penn Hotel offers an unprecedented elegance and old-world class. What rooms are available at the Omni William Penn? 

Grand Ballroom Omni Weddings

The Grand Ballroom features large crystal chandeliers, and a gold-plated balcony (perfect for your reception entrance!). The space is large for your full guest list, and often has a dance floor right in the middle of the room. With plenty of space for not only your guests and a wedding band, you can also have a large cookie table and multiple bars throughout the room. The space is adjacent to the Urban Room, and is the perfect reception space. Weddings at the Omni William Penn Hotel are always classic and luxurious, and the Grand Ballroom is the perfect reception space to wow your guests.

Urban Room Weddings

Right next door to the Grand Ballroom, the Urban Room has a 1940’s Art Deco vibe, with unique centerpiece chandelier, and is the perfect place for a candlelit wedding ceremony. I have photographed both wedding ceremonies and receptions in the Urban Room, and it’s unique black walls offer a totally different vibe from any other wedding event space in Pittsburgh. Bring in a large, flower-covered chuppah for your ceremony, or a dance floor with rich toned-center pieces for your reception in the Urban Room. If all else fails, the Urban Room is a wonderful place for cocktail hour and a cookie table setup!

Bob Hope Room Weddings

The Omni William Penn Hotel also has other wedding reception venue options, including the more intimate Bob Hope Room overlooking Grant Street. This room is smaller than the other ballrooms, but it is the perfect place for a small, luxurious wedding at the Omni. The ceiling includes interesting architecture, and guests can enjoy dancing under the circular fresco or enjoying the reception mingling on the Grant Street second floor balconies. Weddings in the Bob Hope Room are timeless, elegant, and often wonderful parties!


The Grand Ballroom at the Omni William Penn Hotel wedding reception. A wedding reception in the Bob and Dolores Hope Room. A couple dancing on the mezzanine balcony for their first dance before their reception in the Bob and Dolores Hope Room. Urban Room wedding reception. The Mellon Square park directly across the street from the main Omni entrance can sometimes be used for wedding photos. In this picture you can see the hotel in the background. Getting ready suite at the Omni. The Grand Ballroom features large chandeliers, long balconies, and extensive space to host lots of guests. The Urban Room at the Omni William Penn Hotel is a great option for either a wedding ceremony or a cocktail hour. The space is popular for both types of events. The William Penn Ballroom is located on the lower level of the hotel, and is another beautiful ballroom option at the hotel. A view of the Grand Ballroom decorated for a wedding reception in August. A huge wedding cake in the Grand Ballroom, but this space deserves a big wedding cake! A bride and groom pose for wedding photos in the Grand Ballroom before their guests come in from cocktail hour in the Urban Room.

William Penn Ballroom Weddings

Last but certainly not least, there are weddings in the William Penn Ballroom on the lower-level of the hotel. This room is a large ballroom with huge, drooping chandeliers and a large dance floor space. For your introduction into your wedding reception, you will enter through the main doors, which are a few stairs higher than the ballroom tables – you can wave hello to all of your guests! There is also room for a long head table if you’d like, and the dance floor in the middle of the room.

Weddings at the Omni William Penn Hotel

The staff at the Omni William Penn is incredible, and they are some of our favorite event planning and wait staff in the city. Every attention to detail is paid, including your new initial swirled onto every piece of wedding cake when it is served to your guests. The hotel itself is always welcoming with many amenities including a Starbucks, Speakeasy Bar, and Traditional High Tea. 

We are proud to be on the Omni William Penn Hotel preferred vendor list, as it is one of our favorite wedding venues to photograph in Pittsburgh! View some of our wedding work at the hotel from this incredible venue.

Weddings Photos at the Omni William Penn

Curious where to take photos for your wedding at the Omni? If it’s cold outside, you can stay indoors easily, since the main lobby is absolutely beautiful! Many brides and grooms have their wedding pictures taken near the front windows, since they are large and offer a lot of natural light. In addition, there is a large bench in the middle of the lobby that is great for your photos, because it allows the wedding photographer to include the entire lobby and chandeliers. 

The Grant Street entrance to the Omni is also a wonderful option for your wedding photography, since it is quiet and still luxurious. There are a few balconies on that side of the hotel for photos, an interesting ceiling, and small staircase to pose with your bridal party.

Outside of the Omni, there are a few wonderful places within walking distance! If you exit on the William Penn Place side of the building, Mellon Square is directly across the street. This is a great location with lovely light, but do be respectful as sometimes you are asked to not photograph the space if security is on staff. In addition, since the Omni William Penn Hotel is located in downtown Pittsburgh, the city streets often provide beautiful, modern backdrops to wedding photos! My approach for photographing weddings in the city is to always find beautiful light, and then have the background blurry to eliminate distraction while still giving a ‘city’ feel to the wedding pictures.

On the Grant Street side of the Omni William Penn Hotel is Mellon Green, which has trees that bloom beautifully in the spring time! This is a very popular place for wedding photos at the Omni William Penn, and you will likely see images of brides and grooms in this space often when scouring the internet! The space also has a stone waterfall, benches, and iron-gated walkways. There is pretty light in this space in the early-evening hours. 


530 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh 15219


Omni William Penn Hotel

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