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Chestnut Ridge Resort Weddings

Chestnut Ridge is located in Blairsville, Pennsylvania, and is perfect for the couple who is from the eastern-Pittsburgh area. I’ve worked with couples who choose to hold their wedding ceremony on the Chestnut Ridge Resort location, and also couples who get married in nearby home churches and then travel to the golf course for their wedding reception. Both are great options!

The Scenery

The resort features a large golf course, views of the rolling hills, and has a hotel directly next door. The scenery is always beautiful for wedding day photographs, and many couples choose to take their wedding photos on the golf course surrounding the property. 

There have always been numerous golf carts available to drive around the golf course area, and I love the stone walls and rolling hills that have pretty light in a bunch of areas. In addition, you can exit the back door of the nearby hotel for views of the golf course, so if you are getting ready in the hotel you can take pre-wedding photos easily.

In the case of rain, photos in the ballroom or covered parking area allow for wedding photos on the property.


The golf course at Chestnut Ridge and overlooking mountains are the view from the rear side of the resort and ballroom. A view of the rear side of Chestnut Ridge Resort. Cocktail hour often takes place outside weather-permitting. The ballroom at Chestnut Ridge Resort is huge! With big windows, too! A wedding couple poses for pictures on the lawn of the golf course at Chestnut Ridge Resort. Golf carts are available to couples and their bridal party, so you can ride around to some of the very scenic spots on the resort for wedding pictures. A wedding reception setup with high centerpieces by Mocha Rose at Chestnut Ridge. A bride poses for a wedding picture at Chestnut Ridge on a cold winter day. A couple pose in front of Chestnut Ridge for New Year's Eve wedding pictures A huge cookie table setup at a wedding reception at Chestnut Ridge. A rear view of the Chestnut Ridge Resort in the evening. A wedding ceremony in the Crystal Ballroom at Chestnut Ridge. The back windows overlook the golf course.

Chestnut Ridge Ballroom

The ballroom is quite large! One of my favorite New Year’s Eve weddings took place at Chestnut Ridge Resort, and it was a great party with lots of guests! The bride and groom will enter through gold doors, and the wait staff is perfectly-timed for a delicious dinner experience. With plenty of room for a large cookie table and expansive windows overlooking the scenery, Chestnut Ridge wedding venue does not disappoint.

The ballroom holds a large guest count as well as a big dance floor, so it’s a great venue if you plan to invite lots of guests! There is also a big bar area just outside of the ballroom, where guests go to mingle in a more quiet setting and sometimes the cookie table is in this space as well. 

Crystal Terrace Wedding Ceremony

I have also photographed a wedding ceremony in the Crystal Terrace ballroom, which is much smaller than the main ballroom and off to the side from the main area. This room offers views of the golf course for the wedding ceremony, and has large chandeliers in the space. 

(724) 459-7191

132 Pine Ridge Rd, Blairsville, PA 15717


Chestnut Ridge Resort

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