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Carnegie Museum Weddings

Every one of the weddings that we photograph at the Carnegie Museum has a certain elegance and style to it that’s simply indescribable. Every couple that we work with there says that they chose the venue for the same reasons – it’s indescribable. From the cathedral-height marble columns to the historic Hall of Architecture, the Carnegie Museum has it all.

Music Foyer Weddings

The Music Foyer features large, antique chandeliers, and a beautiful balcony (perfect for your cocktail hour!). The space is large for your full guest list, and often has a dance floor right in the middle of the room. Guests can view your first dance from above while they finish cocktail hour, and the room has a classic, Pittsburgh elegance that you cannot find anywhere else.  With plenty of space for not only your guests and a wedding band, you can also have a large cookie table, photo booth, and multiple bars throughout the room. The space is easily accessible from the museum entrance, and is the perfect reception space. Weddings at the Carnegie Museum are always classic and luxurious, and the Music Foyer is the perfect reception space to wow your guests.

Hall of Sculpture Wedding Ceremonies

Near to the Music Foyer, the Hall of Sculpture has a classic, fresh, and artistic vibe, with unique sculpture pieces on the balcony level overlooking the ceremony space. Wedding ceremonies in this space offer a great deal of seating for your guests, and the room can also be used for photos in the event of rain. Bring in a large, flower-covered chuppah for your ceremony, and enjoy family photos in this space following the main event.

Hall of Architecture Weddings

The Hall of Architecture also has other wedding ceremony and photo options, with ancient architecture and intimate stone displays as backgrounds. The ceiling includes nice daylight in the event of rain, and guests can enjoy some of the museum displays after your wedding ceremony in this space. 

The Carnegie Museum of Art also has a large staircase that is popular for photos. This is very near to the Hall of Sculpture. A bride and groom practice their first dance in the Hall of Sculpture. Wedding ceremony in Hall of Architecture. A full view of the Music Foyer. The blue and purple uplighting comes across beautifully on-camera. Wedding ceremony in the Carnegie Museum of Art Hall of Architecture. A bride and groom seated at their sweetheart table in the Carnegie Museum of Art Music Foyer. Aerial view of a bride and groom first dance in the Music Foyer. A first dance in the Carnegie Museum of Art Music Foyer. Wedding bridal party in the Hall of Sculpture. The signing of the ketubah in the Carnegie Museum of Art Founder's Room. The Founder's Room is typically where the bridal party will have a private cocktail hour, and where preparations will take place. Wedding ceremony in the Hall of Sculpture. Hall of Sculpture wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremony reverse view in the Hall of Sculpture. A bride and groom pose for portraits in the Hall of Sculpture in the Carnegie Museum of Art. A bride poses for portraits with her bridesmaids in the Hall of Sculpture. Wedding ceremony space in the Carnegie Museum of Art Hall of Sculpture. A bride and groom finish their first dance in the Carnegie Museum of Art Music Foyer. Often, cocktail hour takes place upstairs in the Music Foyer, and then the bride and groom are introduced into the lower reception space. Here, they can do their first dance while everyone watches from above. A wedding ceremony in the evening in the Carnegie Museum Hall of Sculpture. A bridal party poses in the Hall of Architecture. This space is great, even if it's raining outside! A bride and groom pose in their wedding ceremony space at the Carnegie Museum of Art Hall of Sculpture.

Founder’s Room Wedding Use

Last but certainly not least, there is the Founder’s Room directly inside of the main entrance to the museum, which is typically used for getting ready, bridal party private receptions, or ketubah signings. This room has large windows for natural light, and the continued elegance of the museum to tie in with all of your wedding photos. 

Wedding Photos at the Carnegie Museum

Curious where to take photos for your wedding at the Carnegie Museum? If it’s cold outside, you can stay indoors easily, since the some of the main spaces are absolutely beautiful! Many brides and grooms have their wedding pictures taken on the main staircase, since it ais large and architectural. In addition, I often work in the Hall of Sculpture for a clean, crisp look, and the Hall of Architecture for some indoor daylight. The Music Foyer is also beautiful for indoor photos if your reception space is setup and your photographer is comfortable with flash photography.

The side entrance to the museum is also a wonderful option for your wedding photography, since it is quiet, Pittsburgh architectural, and still luxurious. 

Outside of the museum, there are a few wonderful places within walking distance! If you exit on the museum side of the building, the University of Pittsburgh campus is directly across the street. This is a great location with lots of greenery and continued architecture. In addition, since the museum is located in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh, the city streets often provide beautiful, modern backdrops to wedding photos! My approach for photographing weddings in the Oakland is to always find beautiful light, and then bring in a mix of greenery, color, and architecture to this historic area of Pittsburgh.


4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh 15213


Carnegie Museum of Art

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