Mingo Creek Sunflower Field Engagement Picture

Mingo Creek Sunflower Field Engagement Picture

Sunflower Field Engagement Photos

Looking to really create something beautiful with your engagement session? There are lots of flower fields in the Pittsburgh area to photograph the two of you together. Look for a day with gorgeous sunlight, and you'll really be able to create images that are simply gorgeous for your engagement session.

This photo was taken in a small sunflower field near Mingo Creek County Park in the Venetia, Pennsylvania area. Although this sunflower field is no longer around - it was cut down, sad! - there are other flower fields that you can take advantage of for pictures. Nearby, Simmons Farm has lots of flowers to photograph, and they have a section that does include sunflowers. Additionally, I hear there is a sunflower field in the Deep Creek Lake area. Although that may be a bit of a drive, perhaps photos like this would make the travel worth it?

One of the things that I love about photographing engagements in flower fields is the color! The flowers truly provide beautiful, crisp color for the pictures, and allow the couple to look like they are in a truly magical location. For this image, we happened to have the perfect direction of sunlight to really play into the sunny part of the flowers, and their connection together all make this beautiful sunflower field engagement photo come together!

Location: Mingo Creek Park, Venetia PA.

Keywords: Engagement, Summer.