Wedding + Engagement Photo Locations

Pittsburgh and surrounding areas

When planning your engagement session or wedding photos, location is important! Pittsburgh offers so many beautiful locations, all featuring different views, scenery, and vibes. This map showcases some of my favorite locations. Use the map to help you select an area that really “feels right” to you, or the perfect location to stop for photos on your wedding day.


Note that timing is also important in when the light is very best in these locations. The sun “sets” earlier in the city due to the tall buildings, and some locations are truly most beautiful in the spring or autumn.


I can always help with any questions you have about certain locations, but hopefully this map will be a great help!   When scheduling, I think it’s best to look at where YOU are located and where I am located (Cecil – near Bridgeville). That way, we can find a place that is in-between to reduce overall driving distance and make the most of our time together.

If you are drawn to one location but it’s “far away” from a good mutual spot, please let me know. There are LOTS of locations in the city, and I may be able to suggest a mutual location that is very similar!


For engagement and portrait sessions, there is a travel fee of $60 if outside of a 25-mile driving distance from 15057. This includes Hartwood Acres.

In order to view the photo locations, click on the red marker to view the name, description, and photos. Clicking on the small photo thumbnail will enlarge and show even more samples.

Click on a marker to see photos and descriptions of the location

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