I have a huge heart for intimate weddings + elopements!

I love so much about what they stand for: family. friends. a special union between a couple and their most important people in their lives.

Sure, I photograph lots of big, beautiful weddings, but I love the connection that I get to experience with my intimate weddings and elopements. I love seeing those closest to you beam with joy for your new marriage!


Intimate Weddings + Elopements


pittsburgh elopement photography

Abbreviated Coverage


pittsburgh small wedding photography

Small Wedding? Again, I LOVE small weddings! Often, these weddings are a simple ceremony with family and friends, portraits with the ones you love, and then dinner at your favorite restaurant! I enjoy the atmosphere on these wedding days, and am honored to be an invited guest to document your special, intimate event.

Not photogenic? I hear this a lot, and if you think that abbreviated wedding coverage is a better option for you – you’ve come to the right place. You may not believe me now, but I’ve worked with lots of couples who are “not picture people” and once the day is over – they’ve had an amazing photographic experience. I’m there to help you through it, and offer abbreviated wedding coverage for those that are not looking for an all-day photographer.

Photography Coverage with Leeann


per hour

  • Hourly coverage with Leeann
  • Editing in color and black/white
  • Private online gallery
  • High-resolution digital download of images
  • Print Rights for personal use
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What makes you different?

This will be the longest response of all of the FAQ, so here’s a little story: My sister-in-law is an amazing person. Her (now) husband is an incredible guy, who she was lucky to find after years of upset. Their relationship is special, and it even crosses borders. We are a close family, and travel often to see each other. Their wedding day was huge in our eyes – but there were only 12 people present. Did that make it any “less” of a wedding? No. Did the number of people present, or the number of hours we needed a photographer make it any less important in our eyes? No.

My focus on family and love is what surrounds my business, and I’ll never be one who doesn’t “take” abbreviated weddings because they “dilute my brand”, “aren’t worth my time”, or “should only be a minimum of 4 hours to get me out the door”. Seriously. I’ve heard it, and that makes me so sad. Because your wedding, no matter how big or small, is important and beautiful.

That’s what sets me apart. I work my tail off for every one of my clients on their wedding day, regardless of the guest count or venue. Your wedding and marriage is just as wonderful and important as any other, and I’m always thankful to be a part of such special moments in the making of a new family.

How far in advance can we reserve the date?

Saturday events can only be reserved within a 3 month time period from your event date.

Other dates can be reserved more easily in advance.

Contact me to check availability.

How many hours is the maximum?

My maximum coverage for intimate weddings is 5 hours. If past the 5 hours, full wedding packages apply.

How many hours is the minimum?

2 hours.

What do you usually photograph during our time together?

Coverage typically includes:

  • Preparations photos (optional)
  • Ceremony coverage
  • Family + friends portraits
  • Newly married couple’s portraits
  • Reception coverage (optional and prior to meal)
Will we work out a timeline?

I will work with you for timeline planning prior to your event. I try my best to ensure coverage of all of your portions of the day, but it is always dependent on timing, distance to travel, punctuality of friends + family, and weather.

Can we meet with you?

I am happy to have a phone or Skype call with you to get to know each other better and discuss the details of your event!

How do we reserve your time?

Date reservations can be completed via an online booking system – I just need to know how many hours. From there, I can email you the booking proposal to solidify the date! I’ll explain how to reserve the correct number of hours in the reservation link.

What is your payment plan?

50% of the balance is due at booking. This retainer fee is to reserve our time on the calendar and ensure that I do not accept any other engagements for the day – therefore this retainer fee is non-refundable.

The remaining 50% is due 2 weeks prior to your event.

Checks and credit cards are accepted.

intimate weddings pittsburgh photography

Pittsburgh Elopement and Small Wedding Photography

Pittsburgh is home to many large weddings, but it also hosts LOTS of small weddings, intimate affairs, and elopements. I love photographing these weddings because they are incredibly meaningful and often filled with the most important people in a couple’s lives.

A common place for small weddings in Pittsburgh is at Phipps Conservatory Broderie Room and Botanical Gardens, where I can frequently be found on off-season Saturdays, Sundays, and Fridays for weddings and elopements. The Broderie Room is absolutely beautiful, and can not only host a small wedding ceremony but also a reception. I am often photographing my couples around the Phipps Conservatory property after their elopement, and truly enjoy our experience at this venue.

However, this is not the only location for elopements and weddings in Pittsburgh! I have photographed events at the LeMont, PNC Park, and even the Allegheny County and Washington County courthouses. Lots of small weddings take place in local churches, and my couples often follow their wedding ceremonies and elopements with dinner at their favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh. I recently photographed a wedding reception at Vallozzi’s private room, and it was beautiful!

If you are looking for a wedding ceremony and reception that is classic, timeless, yet small – Pittsburgh Intimate Weddings and Elopements are a wonderful way to go!

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