Flower Girl Wedding Photos Mansions on Fifth Pittsburgh

Flower Girl Wedding Photos Mansions on Fifth Pittsburgh

Are you looking for a great way to incorporate kids into your wedding day? There are a lot of good options on how to do this. Kids love to be included in the wedding day no matter whether they are part of your wedding party or included in other manners.

Including kids in your wedding party

For the little ones they can be included as flower girls or ring bearers. If you're including kids in your wedding party make sure that they're present at the rehearsal dinner. Kids sometimes feel uncomfortable in front of large crowds, so you want to make sure that they're ready to walk down that big aisle!

A good idea for helping them walk down the aisle would be to have one of their parents at the end of the aisle, so they have somebody familiar to run forward to. If the kids are a little bit older just getting comfortable with walking down the aisle on the wedding day is something that will help them to calm their nerves. Some of the weddings that I have photographed have had only a ring bearer or only a flower girl. This is definitely an option! Don't feel like you need to have every child that you know in the wedding.

Junior bridesmaids and groomsmen

If you have older kids that you want to include in your wedding day but you don't want them to have the title of flower girl and ring bearer you can include them as junior bridesmaids and groomsmen! These kids typically will get ready with the other bridesmaids and groomsmen on the wedding day, and they will also be wearing tuxedos and dresses similar to the bridesmaids and groomsmen in your wedding.

Whenever I have junior bridesmaids and groomsmen on her wedding day I do include them in some of the group wedding party photos. However, I make sure to split the groups so that we include the juniors in some images and then to older bridesmaids and groomsmen and other images.

Including kids in other ways on your wedding day

If you do not want to include children as part of the wedding party then you can ask some older kids in your family for groups of friends to help pass out programs at the church. Kids also love to be involved in the getting ready portion of the day even if they're not a part of the wedding party.

One nice touch that I've seen at weddings is having a kids table at the wedding reception that includes things like games and crayons and coloring books. If you don't want to have a specific kids table at the wedding reception than even including these kind of things at their place setting is a really nice touch!

Finally, another way to include kids on your wedding day without having the entire day be about the children (which some people aren't a fan of) is to include more kid-friendly dance music during the dinner portion of the evening so that they can dance on the dance floor and after dinner is over the adult music takes over!

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