Destiny Hill Wedding Photography

Destiny Hill Wedding Photography

Planning a wedding at Destiny Hill Farm?

I'm sure you expected to see lavender in this photo - it's what they're known for, and their lavender fields ARE beautiful! However, Destiny Hill Farm has a lot to offer above and beyond the lavender. It's one of my favorite outdoor venues in the Pittsburgh area, and the owners are fantastic and talented people as well.

Weddings at Destiny Hill Farm Barn

This photo was taken directly in front of the main reception barn at Destiny Hill Farm. The strung lights were really beautiful, and I wanted to include them in one of the wedding photos for this couple. After we finished their pictures in the fields and with the lavender, we went to the barn for the wedding reception and to greet their guests. However, once I saw these strung lights I knew we had to use them for a quick photo, and they stood right in front of the reception space for a quick, candid wedding picture!

I love that Destiny Hill Farm has no shortage of photography locations - the water wheel, fields, lavender, stables, reception barn - you name it. Wedding photography is easy at Destiny Hill!

Destiny Hill planning? I'd love to hear from you!

Location: 1069 S Main St, Washington, PA 15301.

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