Broderie Room Wedding Ceremony at Phipps Conservatory

Broderie Room Wedding Ceremony at Phipps Conservatory

I absolutely adore this wedding photo from a small, Filippino wedding I photographed at Phipps Conservatory Broderie Room! The bride's mom was a little quiet, but she was also VERY loving! She was such a wonderful lady! After the wedding ceremony in the Broderie Room, I was photographing family portraits and I asked her to love up on her daughter. This was the reaction I got and it was the best!

This wedding included some Philippine customs into the ceremony, which was really lovely. The groom wore traditional Fillipino wedding attire, which was probably good because the Broderie Room can get pretty hot! Some of my grooms in traditional tuxedos can be a little warm in there during the summer months!

They also included the wedding the wedding cords as part of their traditional ceremony, and it was lovely to photograph. The Broderie Room at Phipps is such a wonderful place for small weddings like this one, where family bonds and personalities can really come through and traditions and customs ca be easily experienced an recognized.

Location: 1 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

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