Formal Family Pictures in St. Paul Cathedral Pittsburgh

Formal Family Pictures in St. Paul Cathedral Pittsburgh

What's one thing you may not see on a lot of wedding photography websites? Formal Family photos!

Why formal family pictures are important

These images are really important for posterity and tradition, which is a huge consideration in your wedding gallery. These are images that will clearly show the people that were present on your wedding day, and the groups that were important to you. In addition, taking these formal family pictures ties your wedding together with wedding images from past years of your family. Imagine your grandchildren looking at similar photos of you, your parents, your grandparents, etc in thirty years. There is a lot to be said for the power of tradition!

How to make formal traditional family pictures painless

You may be thinking "Well, we really love candid images and these are not important to us". I can understand that you may want to avoid 'stuffy' and 'posed' wedding photos on your wedding day, but the process of taking traditional wedding images does not need to be a painful process!

One way to really speed up the process? Make a list with your wedding photographer! The better and more organized your list, the easier it is to work through it in an efficient manner. I typically start with the largest groupings and work to the smallest, so that people can be excused from the church as they are finished up. This ensures that we're only working with the people who are needed at any given time.

Another way to ensure this process is efficient is to stay in your 'spot' for the whole time. Now and then I have brides and grooms who stray from their location at the altar and I have to re-pose them and lay out the dresses and flowers again. The more you stay put and let the photographer organize around you, the easier it is to work through your photo list.

Formal Family Photo List Ideas

Looking for an idea on how you can organize your traditional family photos list? Here's a start! B = Bride and G = Groom

B/G + Parent(s) + Siblings + Grandparents

B/G + Parent(s)

B + Parent(s)

B + Siblings

B + Grandparents

:::repeat for other side of the family:::

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