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My studio is located near Beaver. It is very easy to access from I-376, Rt. 51, Rt.65, and the Turnpike.
For family sessions, I recommend the following:

THE ONE COLOR RULE: One of the best ways to dress your family is to choose a color. This is your starting point. From there, make sure that each person's outfit has this one color in it somewhere. Everything else can be unique! Incorporating this one color will unify your looks in photos.

"We sure did dress up today! We so fancy!" For this option, go a little fancier than you usually would! Ladies: wear a pretty dress, or even sequins if you're up for it. Get the guys in a shirt + tie. Put the kids in their Sunday best.

"Yes! We ditched the yoga pants and play clothes!" This option is not quite as dressed up, but you'll still look put together. This is a great way to utilize the One Color Rule. Ladies: sundresses look great. Have the guys in a casual button down, or short sleeve chambray. Put the kiddos in something comfortable, yet without logos.

No large logos - they're distracting.
Wear clothes you are OK with getting dirty.
Choose a chunky heel - thin heels sink into the grass
Style the kiddos hair nicely
A little more makeup than usual helps it to show in photos

For busy season (aka autumn), you'll want to get on my calendar in July or August to ensure a prime date. I have an easy online-scheduling system that allows you to choose your family's ideal date and time.
We aim for the 'golden hour' ideally, which is about 2 hours before listed sunset time. This can definitely be flexible, however, since I'm able to work in a variety of lighting situations and produce beautiful images for you.
We will walk around the property with your family for a variety of looks. There is a weeping willow tree, long wooded path, open field, and lovely greenery. Depending on the season and weather, we may also hop a ride on the studio's outdoor vehicle to create images in other parts of the property.

During the session, we will let the kids play a bit, and after the session they can swing on our swing set if they want to (it's right out in the open - they won't miss it and they'll probably want to get on it. It's large!)
Images are delivered in ~3 weeks or less. I try to get them back to you promptly, it simply depends on my queue!
You get the high-resolution digital files with no watermarks.
You can also order all of these items, and memory albums through me. I'll walk you through the best products to display in different ways, and how to make a package that suits your needs and budget. Easy peasy!
I believe that the photography process should be enjoyable, and that the results should be both candid and classic. I mix my sessions with down-home activity and modern portraits. At times I'll give you things to do as a family - play time and open ended adventure. Other times, I'll pose you to get the more 'traditional' photos that tend to go in frames. Both are equally valuable, and your session should include a process that creates images that are all-encompassing to your family.

I really love working with children and meeting them where they are. I'm always up to sing, dance, be silly, make faces, and let them explore here. Being with them on a personal level allows them to open up to me and my camera in a way that truly captures their personality
I am the dish-washing, diaper-changing, schedule-organizing mom of four awesome kids. You might meet them at some point if you come to the property for a session!

Joy (9) - loves swimming and being the boss. She's very responsible and helpful for my sessions if needed.
Bronco (5) - loves Matchbox cars and is obsessed with the weather and natural disasters (?!)
Paige "PJ" (3) - absolutely adorable, and absolutely a nightmare.
Grant (baby) - completed our family
Brad (44) - works hard to keep our grass cut and the property looking beautiful. Married 15 years.

I absolutely love holding newborns, and can answer a million mom-questions. I love the challenge of a two-year-old, and four year olds are really fun! I love talking with the older children to get to know their thoughts, and believe that every age of childhood is fleeting, and thus - incredibly meaningful.

As a family and children photographer in Pittsburgh, I have the privilege of capturing the beauty and wonder of childhood and the special bond between families. Each family I photograph is unique and special, and I strive to create beautiful and timeless images that perfectly capture their personalities and special bond.

My passion for photography is rooted in the joy of capturing the beauty of childhood and the special bond between families - a joy that I experience every day in my home with my four children.

I dive into sessions with children to befriend them, and be at their level. I love capturing parents loving on their little ones, and also those 'smile at the camera' images that you'll want on holiday cards. Sessions are typically photographed at my studio property, which offers lots of variety throughout the seasons.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime period in your lives, and it's an honor to capture your precious family moments year after year!