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Wedding + Engagement Photos David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Need a rain plan? Looking for a cool city location for your photos? The David L. Lawrence Convention Center is a great option!

Wedding Photos at the Convention Center in Pittsburgh

I love this spot for wedding photos, because it has a lot of style and options for easy photography within walking distance. Often, I'll start my wedding couple and their bridal party at the "top" of the Convention Center near the parking garage entrance. This spot has beautiful natural light and a really good angle to capture the Convention Center ceiling and how it seems to reflect the light in the underwater pathway. This is probably the 'easiest' spot for photos, since it's large enough to hold a wedding party and it also doesn't require any additional lighting setups. It's a good quick choice!

Limo Parking at the Convention Center

One of the other things I love about the Convention Center is that it's generally pretty easy parking for limos! Granted, there is always the chance that there is an active convention taking place (check their calendar!), but if not the side parking lanes are a great spot for short, temporary parking of your wedding limo and vehicles.

Water Walls at the Convention Center

When do the walls of water turn on at the Convention Center? The 10th Street Water Feature is fed by Pittsburgh's "underground" river, but that doesn't mean that it's always flowing! I wish I had a solid answer for this, but typically I have found that the water walls at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center are more apt to be on with the colorful LED lights in the summer months. As with any water fountain in the city!

These walls change colors while you're there and are

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