Engagement Photos with Dogs Pittsburgh

Engagement Photos with Dogs Pittsburgh

Dogs in Engagement Photos? YES PLEASE! Sometime I am asked by my couples if they can get some photos with their dog during their engagement session, and the answer is always yes!

Your favorite pup is a part of your family. Maybe you got your dog together, or maybe it was brought into the relationship when you teamed up? Either way, let's include your furry friend in your engagement photos!

How to include your dog in engagement photos

The best way to include your dog in your engagement photos is to ask for some help from a friend or family member. Typically, we will plan to have this person bring your dog to the first part of your session, so that they can get a few photos with you before we head out to do just couples photos. If you have someone there to help, they can take care of your dog while we shoot the rest of the session. Otherwise, it can be hard to bring along your dog for everything

Am I afraid of dogs at engagement sessions?

Nope. Although I'm always cautious around new animals, I am neither afraid nor allergic to dogs, so I am always happy to meet your favorite pet and love on them too!

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