Congratulations again on your engagement! Your engagement photo session is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate, get comfortable in front of the camera, and have some beautiful (non-wedding-outfit) photos of you together!  This page has been created to answer all of your open questions before, during, and after your engagement session.


engagement session photography frequently asked questions

Before reserving your engagement session date…


How much are engagement sessions?

$800 for non-wedding clients. $650 for wedding clients. Sessions include the 60-90 minute session, multiple outfits, online private gallery, high-resolution images, and digital rights to print.

Can we see some sample galleries?

Out of respect for my clients, I cannot publish full gallery links on this page. Please email me privately if you need to see more than is available on the Engagement section of the blog. 

pittsburgh engagement sessions photography

When planning for your engagement session..


What should I wear?

  • Try to wear something that flatters the part of your body you love the most!
  • Get dressed up! Why not?! A fun dress is an AWESOME choice!
  • Large, bold patterns can be distracting. So can text on shirts!
  • Unless you prefer, avoid being too “matchy matchy” in color
  • Wear your favorite color – I especially love jewel tones
  • If body conscious, try wearing ¾ or full sleeve shirts instead of tank tops and tube tops. It is easier to push up a sleeve if warm.
  • Avoid clothes that are too tight, show panty lines, etc
  • Girls, accentuating your waist with an accent belt or A-line shirt/dress can be very flattering
  • You want your pictures to appear timeless, so try not to be too trendy
  • Layers can be flattering on both girls and guys
  • Wear something you are OK with getting dirty (you never know!)
  • Avoid clothes that look “too” casual, with fraying, tears, short shorts, words, etc.
  • Guys, no hats, unless your fashion style can surprise me…
  • A shapely dress can be very flattering
  • Slightly darker shades will ensure that the focus is on your face, not on the bright shades in the photos
  • Clean your ring before you come! You want it to sparkle! (If you need a how-to on this, call me!)

Here are my Pinterest Boards for inspiration:


How many outfits can we wear?

One or two. If you’re wearing two, I recommend a more “dressy” option, and a more “casual” option.  Come dressed in the outfit that is your least favorite, as you’ll want to get warmed up with photo-time to move into your favorite outfit.

Where will we change our clothes?

Most of my clients change their clothes either in their car or a nearby open public restroom.NOTE: Please do not plan to carry around a bag with your second outfit in it. We will plan to be back to your vehicle 1/2 way through the session for you to grab your clothes and change. If you carry around a bag of stuff, it gets troublesome to pick up, put down, pick up, put down…..

Should I get hair and makeup done?

This is absolutely up to you! Makeup should always be worn heavier than your day-to-day makeup, as it takes more to “show up” in photos. Your engagement photos may be a great time to work with your preferred wedding-day makeup artist for a trial run. I can also recommend the following:JL Makeup StudioJennifer PalermoValarie Panei

What if the weather isn’t looking good?

My preferred weather is: SUN. The very best work that I produce is created on sunny days. Overcast is not “better for photographers”, as you’ll often hear. That said, I have worked on many overcast days with beautiful results.

Overcast Days: If the weather is overcast, you have the option to reschedule once in hopes of sun.

Rainy Days: Not to worry! If it rains for your session we have two options:1) Reschedule. We can find another date in the near future that would work for the both of us. This is a good idea if you’re looking for a certain vibe and the weather is just not cooperating.2) Shoot at a couple of places I like that work with the rain. These places are more indoors and have a bit of a “city” feel to them. They are noted as rain spots on the location guide map.

Of course, we don’t really know what the weather will look like until close to the date of the session, so we will stay in touch as the date nears if the weather looks variable.  Reschedule dates are based on calendar availability at the time of rescheduling, and may or may not be in the same “season” as the originally scheduled date. This is particularly of interest if you’re in search of spring blossoms or fall foliage.


Do you have any posing tips?

Relax. Engagement sessions are supposed to be fun!  Act natural. Joke with each other. Use that silly pet name. Play games. Kiss. Hug. Natural body language translates extremely well in pictures. Being tense translates just as well.It’s perfectly acceptable to not know “exactly what to do”. You will get some direction, but do what feels most natural. I will help you with where to stand, which light is best, and how to hold each other. The main things to know are:

  • Stand close
  • Belly buttons together when facing each other
  • When you kiss, keep it light and gentle
  • Look through some of my engagement galleries to get a feel for my posing style

Do you have location suggestions?

When planning your engagement session or wedding photos, location is important! Pittsburgh offers so many beautiful locations, all featuring different views, scenery, and vibes. This map showcases some of our favorite locations. Use the map to help you select an area that really “feels right” to you. Click the marker, and images will show. You can click through the images to get a good feel for the location.

Note that timing is also important in when the light is very best in these locations. The sun “sets” earlier in the city due to the tall buildings, and some locations are truly most beautiful in the spring or autumn. I can always help with any questions you have about certain locations, but hopefully this map will be a great help!

When selecting a location, it’s always best to choose a mutual spot between your home and mine (Cecil – near Bridgeville). If you are drawn to a specific location but it is “far away”, please let me know. It’s likely that I can suggest a good mutual spot with similar attributes!

There is a $60 travel fee for locations outside of a 25-mile driving distance of 15057. This includes Hartwood Acres.


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After your engagement session..


How long after the session will we receive images?

Galleries are typically delivered within 2 weeks of the session date.


How will our images be delivered?

Images are delivered via an online gallery link. The gallery is online for six months. You are able to download the high-resolution images directly from the gallery. I recommend that you back up these files in multiple locations for your personal use and archiving over the years.


Do we have the rights to print our images?

Yes! You can use your engagement images in Save The Dates, online, and on wedding websites. You have full digital rights to print for your images. This means you can make prints, order prints, wallpaper your home in your images! We retain copyright so that they can be used in marketing and print.

For a downloadable .pdf file explaining print rights, click HERE.

For a downloadable .pdf file explaining copyrights, click HERE.

Are the images watermarked?

No. I ask for photo credit when posted online or on social media, please.


Are there any rules for sharing on social media?

When sharing images online please provide proper photo credit:

Leeann Marie Photography


Instagram: @leeannmarieg



How do we print images?

My online gallery of images offers very reasonably-priced print options:

4×6: $4.50

5×7: $7

8×10: $12

11×14: $19.50

I also recommend, as they are associated with a pro-lab that I use.


How long are images online?

Images are online for six months. I recommend that you download the full gallery and back it up in a variety of places (Dropbox, USBs, Google Drive, etc)


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