Changing the way I blog! Honestly, my website is becoming enormous, and I also have three kids at home. Based on that, I’ve decided to change a bit of the way I blog with instead of blogging each wedding and engagement separately, I will be sharing quarterly updates of my sessions, weddings, and engagements to share the highlights with all of you.

If you want to see more from a specific event, because maybe you’re planning a wedding there, PLEASE REACH OUT! I’m happy to help with examples to give you an idea of spaces, style, and vendors. I wish I could post more each time, but I think this change will be for the best and allow me to still maintain the blog with wedding updates, while also focus more on writing helpful pieces to you for planning assistance.

That said, here are some of the beautiful weddings and engagements I’ve photographed this quarter!

LeMont Restaurant Wedding

Julie and Eyad were married at her home church in West Virginia, and then followed up with a socially-distant wedding reception at LeMont Restaurant on Pittsburgh’s Mt. Washington. They had a beautiful September day, with lots of sunshine and a great wedding party. We photographed their portraits in Station Square, and really took advantage of the pretty Pittsburgh skyline scenery that was available to us that day!

Hotel Monaco and PPG Zoo Wedding

Kelsey and Andrew had a gorgeous, modern black and white wedding at Hotel Monaco and the Pittsburgh Zoo. The ceremony was in the ballroom at Hotel Monaco, and Kelsey was dressed beautifully alongside her daughter, who also wore a pretty white dress. Kelsey and Andrew held hands before the ceremony to calm their nerves, and did photos with their wedding party on the rooftop.

After the ceremony, we headed to Washington’s Landing for wedding pictures, and then over to the Pittsburgh Zoo for their tented reception. Their music was by Steven Vance, and the flowers were all magnificently designed by Mocha Rose.

Phipps Conservatory Intimate Wedding in the Broderie Room

Julia and Jason had moved their wedding from April to September, and were married in the Broderie Room at Phipps Conservatory. Their small wedding had under 20 guests, including their parents, siblings, and some friends. They were both really great to photograph – having an exceptional first look and then a great time with wedding photos around the conservatory and outside. I loved how they framed their wedding invitation and showcased it during the ceremony, and they even had some cookies for their guests to enjoy after the main portion of the celebration was over.

As always, photographing small intimate weddings at Phipps Conservatory is always something I love, and Julia and Jason’s wedding didn’t disappoint!

St. Paul Cathedral Wedding

Allie and Matt have been a treat to work with ever since I photographed their engagement last autumn. I got to see them again at Allie’s Bridal Shower over the summer, and then their big day finally arrived in October when they were married in St. Paul Cathedral in Oakland. Allie’s cathedral style veil worked beautifully in this space, and we were able to step outside following the ceremony to get some wonderful photos with their family members.

Allie paid tribute to her grandmother by placing her wedding photo in the pew of the church. When her grandfather saw it, he was overcome with emotion at the touching sentiment. It was beautiful to watch that moment. I’ll definitely remember it for a while!

After the ceremony at St. Paul, they were joined by their beloved dog, Harley, and we took photos with their wedding party on the yellow bridges. After that, it was off to the reception to celebrate!

Hartwood Restaurant Micro Wedding

Megan and Frank wanted to have their micro wedding at one of their favorite restaurants – the Hartwood Restaurant near Hartwood Acres. They invited their close family members to witness their union, which also included their two sons to join in the family ceremony. Although it was a chillier fall day, we still ventured outdoors to take advantage of the fall color and get some happy wedding portraits of the new couple.

After photos, they celebrated with dinner and toasts, and a wedding cake topper from Megan’s parent’s wedding years ago!

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