Happy wedding day! It’s the morning of your wedding and you’re likely a ball of nerves and excited for the day to begin. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been up since 3am anyway so when your crew starts to roll in for hair and makeup you’re ready to see everyone!

Who else will you be seeing today? Your wedding photographer! When your photographer arrives, you’ll start to feel like “it’s getting real” since photo time indicates that the ceremony is also getting closer….

As a wedding photographer, I often feel like my arrival is an exciting time, and the wedding party’s thoughts can kick into over drive once the photography starts. “Is there anything she needs? What is she taking photos of? Should I be smiling? Should I share with her my photo ideas?” These are all things I want to tackle today, as I share a few things that your wedding photographer will need from you on the morning of your wedding. With this list, you’ll be prepared and able to relax a little more!

What to have ready for photographer the morning of your wedding

Room Number! If you’re getting ready at a hotel, there’s the likelihood that you only learned your room number the night or two prior to the wedding morning. Your photographer will need to know where to go, so don’t forget to text them the morning of the wedding (or night before) with your room number! That way they aren’t trying to reach out to you on the morning of the wedding when your phone is being used as your playlist and you’re busy getting your makeup done.

Location of your details. Have your details set aside in one location, so that when your photographer arrives they’re all easy to grab and photograph. Your details don’t need to be in an exact “photo spot”, but rather just gathered all together and ready to go. It’s easy to simple put everything in one big bag and have the dress hanging nearby.

Photography styling details morning wedding

Color palette. With weddings often every weekend, your photographer gets to see lots of beautiful color palettes and design ideas. On the morning of your wedding, remind your photographer what the reception details will look like, color of your flowers, and general style. That helps with photographing the details. You don’t want all pink detail layouts to go with your black + white modern wedding style! A quick refresher on this is appreciated and pretty quick!

Time and space. Photographers like to photograph details beautifully – but quickly. The sooner they can finish your details, the sooner they can get back to the people in the room and capturing the events unfolding and the candid memories that you’ll love! That means your photographer will need a little bit of P+Q (peace and quiet) to photograph your details. Of course photographer love meeting everyone, but the time for that is right after they’ve finished up the initial goodies. And that way, you can get dressed and ready as soon as you’d like and you’re not waiting on details to be ready!

Pittsburgh tips for photography wedding morning hotel

Coffee. I threw this one in there for fun, but if your photographer shows up with a coffee in hand or you have some in your room, we are all for that. Weddings are long days!

Light. You may have in mind where you’ll be getting into your dress, and if you are dead set on a location we’ll never force you to change (at least I won’t! I can’t speak for everyone on that…) However, your wedding photographer may ask that you get ready in a different spot so that they have the best light available. Often, we’ll clean out a room with great light that may not seem like the perfect spot initially, but that beautiful light is really what makes beautiful photos!

Photography bride tips planning morning getting ready hotel pittsburgh bridal suite

Clean space. Speaking of a room with great light… when your photographer knows where you’ll be getting into your dress, you may want to designate a member of the wedding party to help with cleaning out the space. Sometimes they will move bags if no one is available, and they’ll place someone’s bag in a spot they don’t know. They never want to panic anyone that their stuff is misplaced, so having a member of the wedding party to quickly help with cleaning the ‘dress spot’ is great. Thank you!

Once your wedding photographer arrives, photographs details, fires up on some coffee, and has a beautifully-lit, clean space to photograph the final details – the rest unfolds naturally! These few easy things on the morning of the wedding help tremendously with time management and beautiful photos.

I hope this article helped a little with easing your nerves about the “big stuff” on the morning of your wedding when your photographer arrives. Their arrival should be an exciting, and non-stressful, time thanks to these easy tips!

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