Let me tell you a story: A few years ago I was on the search for a Christmas gift for my husband. He’s always a wonderful gift-giver…concert tickets, clothes, purses, you name it. Me however – terrible. I’m an awful gift-giver and so this Christmas I still was coming up short. Want to know what he ended up with?….

::drum roll::

…a plastic lighter shaped like a shotgun.


I’ve become a little better lately thanks to the internet, and some handy websites that give me ideas! So, if you’re in the same boat and would like some input – read on!


Last year I gifted Brad with a Burger of the Month Club subscription. He’s a hunter and likes trying exotic meats, so this was a great fit! We have also gifted friends with beer subscriptions that send them a different six-pack every month, and they are great as well!


Brad travels a lot for both work and leisure, so recently I realized that he was traveling with a duffel bag that I’m pretty sure was from high school. I’ve since then gifted him with a new custom duffel bag, and he looks much more modern (yet not overly done… more his style!) and less embarrasing to travel with.


There are tons of cool guy gifts out there that you can have customized for the guy in your lift – travel mugs, bags, or coolers. You name it! Even if you’re not into the idea of adding their full name, sometimes an initial looks just as good!


Of course I’m going to add this in as a photographer, but if you’re really stuck, you can update their desk or wallet with new photos in a nice frame. Think wedding photos, engagement, or even family photos. Always a great idea!

Here are some photos of the new bag Brad has now when we went to Sandbridge – so much better than the old one!

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