You’ve got a lot to plan for your wedding day – flowers, cake, transportation, hair and makeup. And that means there are a lot of people involved! Have you thought about what you may gift to the people who are dedicating their time (and money!) to be with you on your wedding day? It’s always kind to thank those closest to us, since they do a lot to help you on your wedding day, but you may be stuck on gifts.

choosing the best bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts for wedding

Not to worry – today I have some amazing gift ideas that I personally recommend and love! As always, I’m here to help, so let’s get on to the gifting!

What should I give my bridesmaids?

I tend to think that gifts should be both pretty and useful! Two things that really come to mind when I’m thinking of bridesmaids gifts are these two – a beautiful makeup bag or a reusable custom stemless wine glass.

The velvet makeup bag from Bridesmaids Gift Boutiqueoh my goodness – it is so soft. You can’t even tell from these photos, but it is incredible. It comes in a ton of colors, and you can choose a color and customize it with initials. I seriously can’t wait until I travel again to use this in my carry on. It just feels heavenly and is oh-so-pretty.

best bridesmaids gifts
best bridesmaids gifts

Any of your bridesmaids like wine? Or maybe just a cold drink? These stemless wine glasses are also fantastic gifts! I love a wine glass with my name or initials on it, and (even more) I love a wine glass that won’t break and keeps my drink cold. Because…. well, I’ve broken my share of wine glasses in the past… This one is a keeper, and your ladies can even use them on the morning of the wedding when getting ready with you!

best bridesmaids gift wine glass customized

What should I give my groomsmen?

Groomsmen – do they want another custom cigar cutter? Likely not. How about a tie clip? Maybe. But another gift that I think is really handy is this personalized groomsmen cooler bag. I always like things that are monogrammed, and I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I are packing up food and drinks for picnics, tailgates, and travel. As soon as I saw this I thought for sure my husband would think it’s cool!

What should we give our parents as gifts?

Parents are a little tougher – they may have contributed a lot to your wedding day and so you might want to go a little above and beyond as a gift to them. Here’s what I recommend: do something sentimental on the day-of the wedding, and then a custom wedding album later.

As a sentimental gift, something that means a lot to you, or the surprise of incorporating a special detail is a really nice way to go. Perhaps you customize the menu to include your mom’s favorite dish, or you play a special surprise song for your dad on the wedding day. I’ve also had brides do these sweet handkerchiefs, which I always love!

Finally, the best way to thank your parents is with a wedding album that will last them for years and remind them of the amazing wedding they were a part of, and the start of your new family. I can’t tell you how sentimental I am already about my daughter’s wedding and she’s only five! The thought of your child starting a new chapter in their lives is huge and (trust me) they will want to show it off to EVERYONE they know. Make sure they do that in style and have memories to last forever.

I offer all of my couples custom parent book albums, which are typically 8″x8″ and incredibly stylish, durable, and luxurious. You can see them here with the matching bride/groom wedding album.

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