Pittsburgh never ceases to amaze me. There are always new places to explore, and new restaurants, stores, and wedding venues popping up! I recently got to visit one of the newest wedding venues – Museum Lab – and it was beautiful!

If you’re a Pittsburgh-native, you know that the city has a lot to offer in terms of architecture and history. I love the old design of some of our buildings, and the stories that each one brings.

Museum Lab’s wedding ceremony and reception venue is one of those spaces! Having started as the Carnegie Free Library, the building was empty for years. (Fun side story: My parents grew up in the North Side, and when I told them where I was the night I visited my mom said Awww! I used to spend so much time at that library!! Isn’t that awesome?!)

museum lab pittsburgh wedding venue

Having recently put lots of time, energy, and thought into the space, it recently reopened as a secondary space to the Children’s Museum, and caters to old children and STEAM concentrations.

However, in the evenings, the space can transform into an incredible wedding venue location! I was enamored by the broken walls, high arches, and architectural details of the space. They mixed those tones in with modern touches like metal railings and neon signage to give an updated feel.

museum lab pittsburgh wedding venue

Where will cocktail hour take place?

Cocktail hour takes place in the two-story foyer area outside of the Assembly Hall. Imagine this: your guests enter Museum Lab, go up an really cool set of stairs, and are wowed by the galley on the second floor with lots of open space, delicious food, and bars.

museum lab pittsburgh wedding venue

Where will the reception take place?

There are probably different ways to do receptions at Museum Lab, which you will want to discuss directly with their event coordinator, but I got to visit the Assembly Room space. Following cocktail hour, your guests would go up one set of stairs (I think there’s an elevator… don’t quote me on that…) and up to the octagonal Assembly Room area.

Looking at the space and from my experience with weddings, I would guess that this space would seat 100 people comfortably at tables with room to walk, but the Museum Lab website says they can do up to 120. That depends on how close you want your tables.

museum lab pittsburgh wedding venue

What is the reception flow like?

With the spaces split, after dinner in the Assembly Hall, dancing is back in the cocktail hour space and your guests can go between the two rooms. This is actually a nice setup, because guests who really want to party can be around the noise of the entertainment, while guests who want more conversation can stay in the Assembly Room and mingle.

So what do you think? Are you considering Museum Lab for your wedding venue?

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