You’ve said “Yes!” and are now into the throes of planning your wedding – which means it might be time to ask your closest friends and family members to stand beside you as a member of your wedding party. How can you organize them?

….but first… did you notice something?

How to choose the number of bridesmaids or groomsmen

Wedding Party not “Bridal Party”

Gone are the days of having a “Bridal Party”! Now, it’s a “Wedding Party”. Why the change in terminology (which I admittedly sometimes forget about)? Because you can have both men and women on either side. Do you have a best guy friend who was your pal all through college? Are the groom and his sister twins?

Don’t be afraid to mix up the sides! I’ve had mixed and jumbled wedding parties in the past, and they’re so fun! Don’t be afraid to have a Groomsmaid or Bridesman. Include who you really want to!

Planning your wedding day bridal party

Do we need to have an even number?

Along with ignoring tradition with having men on one side and women on the other, don’t be afraid to go with different numbers of people on either ‘side’. You can always pair up two bridesmaids with one groomsman, or have someone (like the Maid of Honor?) walk down the aisle alone. Unless you’re totally crazy about symmetry, don’t worry about the numbers matching perfectly.

How to plan the size of your wedding party

Should everyone stand in height order?

Bye bye 1990’s! Nope! I usually organize wedding party by height order only when getting that ‘formal’ photo inside of the church, when I really need to see everyone’s faces from multiple levels. Otherwise, when I have my wedding party together for slightly more ‘relaxed’ photos, I won’t worry about height.

I do usually ask that the Maid of Honor or Best Man are standing closest to the bride/groom, but otherwise I just want my groups to feel natural and happy. That’s what’s most important!

Wedding Party Toast

What if our wedding party size is ZERO?

That’s cool too! I had a couple recently who did not have a wedding party, and their wedding day was amazing! Instead, they had some of their close friends and family there with them getting ready, and they were able to have a little longer bride/groom portrait time and really enjoy the day together!

How are you planning your wedding party? Are you going to have matching groups? Does symmetry rank high on your MUST HAVE list? 😉 Tell me about it in the comments!

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