Weddings at the Allegheny County Courthouse

They’re HERE! And they’re intimate and fun and everything you may be looking for on your wedding day! Want to know more (—>) about Allegheny County Courthouse Weddings?

Liz and Tom had their full event at the courthouse in March, and here’s how we did it:

I met them first at the courthouse along with their immediate friends and family. We got all setup with lights and parents were seated on the side benches and the bridal party entered from one level up above the staircase. Liz proceeded down the same stairs and their ceremony was right on the courthouse grand staircase landing.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and afterwards they were congratulated by everyone! After some hugs, we headed outside of the courthouse for the last of the daylight in March. The courtyard is available for photos, and so we took a few there and then photographed the two of them on the streets around the courthouse. Easy location options!

Once we were finished with photos of just Liz and Tom, we headed back in and used the flags as the backdrop for their family and group photos. We adventured around to the different levels of the courthouse afterwards for more indoor photos of the bride and groom, and during that time the catering staff from Black Radish was setting up their reception table and food on the staircase. They had a buffet, bar, and table for all of their guests to enjoy an intimate dinner together. All organized by the Allegheny County Courthouse staff!

I love working intimate weddings like theirs. You can see more information about my intimate weddings and elopements in Pittsburgh on this page and read all about why I think they’re really important!

Here is a view of Liz and Tom’s day!

Floral by Farmer’s Daughter!
Liz entered from the upper level.
Facing their friends and family for the intimate ceremony.
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding ceremony
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding ceremony
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding ceremony
Have to get that shot of the staircase and everyone around!
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding pictures
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding photos
Directly outside, the city streets are the perfect place for photos within walking distance.
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding
Look at her smile! They were so easy to work with!
Photos with family and friends with the flags as the backdrop. Just something to mix it up and add some color (you know I love color)
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding reception
Here’s the table setup on the landing of the grand staircase.
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding grand staircase
A classic photo on the grand staircase of the courthouse.
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding bride and groom
We adventured around a bit to get different lighting, backgrounds, and looks. Might as well take advantage of our time in the building!
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding photos
I really liked the light blue of this mural behind them. It added something a little more ‘light’ than the rest of the courthouse.
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding
A totally different look at the courthouse. This took a lot of planning, as I had to have my flash setup on the other side of the building and radio triggers working. Photographer note: This was triggered with the Flashpoint R2 system.
Allegheny County Courthouse wedding
Cheers to a great intimate wedding at the Allegheny County Courthouse!

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