Duquesne Chapel Wedding Leeann Marie Photography

Allie and Zach were married on December first in a beautiful ceremony at Duquesne Chapel with a wedding reception at the Renaissance Hotel in Pittsburgh. It was a wonderful day filled with love and family. I was so happy to be asked top be their wedding photographer.

Allie and Zach’s Downtown Pittsburgh Wedding

Allie and Zach first met through mutual friends. In those concentric social circles, they began to see each other at parties, bars and events in the South Side. They soon became friends, developing a fun and playful banter that kept them both smiling. It wasn’t long before Allie was smitten. She recalled that one night, they were at a party together and she talked to him more than anyone else there. And, a few weeks later, Zach let her know the feeling was mutual. Now, he did it via text after quite a few drinks at the bar, but he finally managed to tell Allie that he liked her. Allie likes to make fun of Zach for having to ask her out via text (and with more than a few typos!) but she was so excited and glad he did. They went out that very next weekend and have been together every weekend since. As Allie shared, “there’s nothing better than falling for your best friend!”

That friendship this bride and groom share was so evident. I could see it when I photographed their Mellon Park engagement session and I knew then that their wedding day would be something so special. Knowing their December wedding would be at the Renaissance Hotel, we made sure to capture that in their engagement photography as a sneak peek! 

Renaissance Hotel Wedding Photography

On their wedding day, there was such a warm focus on family. Allie and Zach wanted to incorporate their family into their wedding day as much as they could. As Allie was getting ready, there were some tender and emotional moments with her and her parents. The moment when Allie’s dad first saw his little girl as a bride, all dressed up and ready to get married was so touching. There was such pride in his eyes. 

Of course, all couples want sunny weather on their wedding day, but the weather just didn’t want to cooperate for Zach and Allie! It was overcast and rainy all day. All day… EXCEPT for wedding portrait time! We got really lucky and were able to take pictures downtown.

One of my favorite moments of this wedding Allie and Zach’s ‘first dance.’ Before any of the guests entered, the newly married couple took to the dance floor in the empty ballroom. The whole world seemed to fall away and it was just the two of them, alone in the world. It was such a special, intimate moment between the two of them. It was a really beautiful moment of stillness in an otherwise non-stop day, where these two best friends – now husband and wife—could just enjoy a moment all to themselves. Priceless. 

This wedding was proof of the great network of talented wedding photographers here in Pittsburgh. I got super sick before shooting this wedding. I have to give a big shout out to my second photographer, Christina Montemurro, who came along with me at the last minute. She helped a ton. I know brides can be nervous about what happens if your wedding photographer gets sick but I’ve worked hard to make sure that there’s always a plan in place. I’m thankful to have such a wonderful group of talented wedding photographer friends here in Pittsburgh who can help me out so I can ensure that my wedding photography clients will always have an amazing wedding day.

And of course, I am so thankful that Allie and Zach trusted me to capture their special day! Even though I wasn’t feeling great, it was my pleasure to be your wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography at the Renaissance Hotel North Pittsburgh

Duquesne Chapel Wedding Leeann Marie Photography

Featured Pittsburgh Wedding Vendors

Florist: Stems by Syd

DJ/Band: DJ Underdog 

Catering: The Renaissance Hotel

Bakery: Bethel Bakery

Hair: La Pomponnee

Makeup: Valarie Panei Makeup 

Video/Cinema: Just Hitched Wedding Films 

Officiant: Fr. Bill Christy

Transportation: Tortorice Limousines


Wedding Colors: Gold, Ivories, Cabernet

Dress Designer: Anne Barge

Dress Shop: Anne Gregory

Tuxedos: Jacks Tuxedos

Jewelry: Goldstock Jewelry

Shoes: Jimmy Choos

Stationery: Marissa Hayward, MOH

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