The White Barn Wedding Photography

Ready for a gorgeous fall wedding at a new-to-me venue? You’re going to enjoy this wedding of Kristen and Josh at The White Barn! From her Bridal Beginning gown with lace sleeves, to the gorgeous floral by Blue Daisy Designs, this wedding was just a dream! Their ceremony took place at the church where Kristen grew up in Cranberry Township, and afterwards we ventured up north to The White Barn – one of the most lovely barn venues I’ve been to recently!

weddings at the white barn pittsburgh venue

Congratulations, Kristen and Josh!

Working with these two was just a dream, and I knew from their engagement session last autumn that they would be so easy to work with and personable throughout the entire experience. We photographed their engagement session during the fall, and their wedding took place on a gorgeous (although a little cold!) autumn day as well. I suppose Kristen really loves that beautiful color, because she chose the perfect weekend in November to be at the prime of the Pittsburgh autumn season!

On their wedding day in Cranberry Township, north of downtown Pittsburgh, they again showed how awesome they were as a couple while smiling throughout the entire day, and really enjoying their time with the bridal party taking photos at their White Barn, Prospect PA wedding.

Pittsburgh Marriott North Bridal Suite

One of the things I always love about a wedding day is that I never know what kind of room or light I’m going to walk into, and I always need to figure out how to best photograph the day to capture some gorgeous portraits, while leaving all of the ‘extra’ stuff out of the photos! Kristen and her girls got ready in a conference room at the Pittsburgh Marriott North hotel, and when I met up with her and the ladies I started turning off all of the lights, and really taking advantage of the big windows we had in the room. When Nick from So Fresh Films got there, he and I both used that pretty natural light while leaving enough space for the girls to all get ready and enjoy the moments before the ceremony.

After Kristen was all into her lace wedding dress, she read a note from Josh with a huge smile on her face, posed for some bridal portraits for me (where I even asked her to sit on the floor!), and then headed off to St. Killian Parish with the ladies as excited as could be.

Wedding Photos at St. Killian Parish Cranberry Township

When I met up with my second photographer, Jenni, at the church we were impressed by how new and large the space was! There was tons of room to work with, and plenty of natural light for our wedding photography purposes. I checked in with Josh who had a bit of pre-wedding jitters and checked out his new cufflinks from Kristen.

As Kristen walked down the aisle at St. Killian’s with her dad, she was once again all smiles, and everyone enjoyed a peaceful Catholic wedding ceremony complete with two adorable ring bearers and readings by their friends and family. A HUGE hug and kiss finished the ceremony when they were finally announced as husband and wife, and the two of them strode back down the aisle with huge grins on their faces.

Cranberry Township Family Photos

We photographed some of their larger family portraits inside of St. Killian, but then went outside to the pretty fall color in Cranberry for some additional smaller groupings. I know that everyone was freezing during these photos, because it was both cold AND windy, but everyone put on a brave smile, and I think the autumn color in the background mades for some beautiful family wedding portraits – something that I always think is a really important part of any wedding day photography coverage!

White Barn Wedding Pictures

The White Barn was not too far of a drive from Cranberry, and so we were able to meet up there and do bridal party photos and bride and groom photos before cocktail hour even started! It was a pleasure, also, running into a few moms that I know from both past and future weddings – so lovely when all of my wedding couples and their families know each other!! The moms were there helping out with decorations and of course making sure the cookie table was absolute perfect.

Outside of The White Barn there is a ton of space to work with, and since the color was beautiful we decided to really take advantage of it in the photos! The space was a little buddy simply from rain earlier that week, so I decided not to have the bridal party walk too far from the barn (and they could keep warm inside of the barn as well!). With a crisp, clean background and some simply wonderful sunlight, we photographed Kristen and Josh’s awesome bridal party first. Let me say -they were a GREAT bridal party! They were polite, followed direction, and also had a ton of fun in the process. I LOVE a bridal party like them!

Bride and Groom Wedding Photos around The White Barn

After photographing the bridal party, I walked a little further with Kristen and Josh to a large field / landing strip area right next to The White Barn, where we were getting some lovely light, and where we got different, interesting backgrounds if we simply turned in multiple directions. Here’s the thing that I am looking for often when choosing locations for wedding photos – can I give you variety and pretty light without having you walk to a million places and eating into time that you otherwise want to spend with your wedding guests? Well, I found that kind of location right next to the White Barn, and it proved to be the perfect (a little muddy, but Kristen wasn’t phased) location!

Wedding Receptions at the White Barn in Prospect, PA

Now on to telling you a little more about their White Barn wedding reception! The burgundy colors and flowers by Blue Daisy Floral were just a wonderful selection for this fall wedding. The centerpieces were gorgeous, and each guests’ placemat had a custom coaster for their drinks letting people know “Don’t take my drink! I’m just dancing!” Cute. 🙂 The cocktail hour was held on the lower level of the White Barn, which was finished and enclosed. Lots of their wedding guests enjoyed the large bar, and they also had easy access to go outdoors and take photos with the pretty sunset. It was a nice space that also included a separate smaller bridal suite and restrooms. A nice touch at a barn venue!

Upstairs, there was the main level of the barn and then two additional loft spaces. The barn also had windows along two walls and a big deck off of the back for guests to enjoy in nice weather. There was lots of space for the dance floor, catering at one end, two cookie tables, the DJ, and a bar at the other end. Not all barns can fit all of this stuff easily, but The White Barn had a layout that worked for their wedding and the number of guests that they had invited to enjoy the day! Additionally, the barn had an easy access road and ample parking for all of their wedding guests. It’s the little things, everyone!

As Kristen and Josh were introduced they were so happy (and I think excited for the party), and they had some sweet toasts from their Maid of Honor and Best Man. Someone almost lost his pants, but I won’t say who.. and it wasn’t the best man or groom. Ha!

The party continued with a lovely first dance and cake cutting, where all of the guests seated in the lofts could overlook the events, and enjoy the music played by Jeremy Ganss (one of the best in the biz!!)

Toward the end of the night we went outside for some sunset photos on the deck, and Kristen and Josh partied away the rest of the night at the White Barn with their wedding guests! It was a blast!

Thank you so much for having me with you – it was a PLEASURE working with you, and I’m obsessed with your gallery!

Vendor Love:

Venue: White Barn

Dress: Bridal Beginning

DJ: Jeremy Ganss

Hair: Amanda Herb

Makeup: Valarie Panei

Floral: Blue Daisy Floral

Tuxedo: Jack’s Tuxedo

Cinema: So Fresh Films

Catering (SO GOOD): Medure’s

Bakery: Pennies Bake Shop

Stationery: Steve Schwarz

What is your favorite photo from Kristen + Josh’s White Barn wedding?

Leave a comment below, or just wish them congratulations!

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