How To Choose The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to being your bridesmaid, I can guarantee you that the first thing any bridesmaid wants is for the you, the bride, to be happy – that’s what the wedding day is all about! Bridesmaids are there to help with planning, provide moral support, carry some day-of wedding flowers, and celebrate with you on a huge day in you life!

However, being a bridesmaid also comes with a few stresses – one of them being “the dress”. What should you consider when choosing a bridesmaid dress (or dresses!) for your crew? Here are a few big things that all bridesmaids worry about that may help to guide your decision:

Will I Be Cold?

Anymore, weddings take place at all times of the year, and in the Pittsburgh area – that can make for a tricky weather situation! Consider the weather when choosing your bridesmaids dresses. Sure, your ladies love you to pieces, but I don’t think they want to stand out in the cold on a seventeen degree day in a sleeveless, short bridesmaid dress.

One solution if the weather looks daunting? Wraps or Furs! If it’s going to be cold, there are tons of options out there that are not only stylish – but warm. Keep your ladies happy by providing a wrap or a fur on a cold day. This will go a long way!

Another option that I’d love to see more of? Long sleeve bridesmaids dresses. Anyone out there doing this? Let me know in the comments!

bridesmaid dresses with fur wraps winter

Will The Shape Fit My Body Type?

All of your maids come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s quite possible that this is a serious concern on their minds when it comes to what they’ll wear to your wedding. After all, they want to be comfortable in front of such a large audience, and the fit of a bridesmaid dress is critical.

If you’re really unsure how one specific dress will fit all of your ladies, or if someone is really vocal about just not liking the cut (fair enough!), then maybe you should consider offering your bridesmaid the option of choosing their own cut within a bridesmaid designer line. Many designers offer various necklines and shapes, but all with the same color lot of fabric. This is a great way to have a cohesive look, but with slight variation to consider each girl’s body type.

choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress neckline

Will The Fabric Will Be Flattering?

If you’re anything like me, you know what fabrics fit your body type well, and which ones – Just Don’t! Make sure you consider your ladies and their comfort level when choosing your bridesmaid dress fabric. I tend to think that chiffon is universally flattering, and a standard “wedding fabric” for dresses. There is also satin, but sometimes satin can be a bit more body-con, so check with your ladies first. Choose a fabric that will be flattering and comfortable, and you’ll have a happy bridal party!

bridesmaid dresses flattering fabric

How the Color Will Look On My Skin?

Want to take your bridesmaid dress selection one step further? Consider how the color you choose will look against the skin and tone of your bridesmaids! Choosing a color that is flattering for your group will look great in photos, and will pull from the natural coloring of your bridesmaid posse in a way that leaves no one complaining of being “too pale” – or (THE DREADED) causing a bridesmaid to go to the tanning booth too much before the wedding day. Choose a color that they love and ensure your group stays away from the tanning beds!

bridesmaid dress perfect color

Another option? Let your bridesmaids choose the color they like within a certain palette. This may require a bit more planning and tracking, but the results can be beautiful!

bridesmaid dresses multiple colors

What Kind of Bra Will I Need To Wear?

And finally – down to the nitty-gritty – consider what kind of undergarments your bridesmaids will have to wear underneath of their bridesmaid dress, and if that style will be comfortable with each of the ladies. Some necklines have tricky needs for bras, and that could also be an additional cost for your bridesmaids on top of the dress (and potentially shoes). The easiest choice would be a dress that can be worn with a normal bra, but otherwise you’ll want to note what kind of undergarments are necessary so that your girls can be prepared!

what kind of bra to wear with bridesmaid dresses

What else have you found your bridesmaids were worried about in choosing the perfect dress? Is there anything I missed?

In all, it’s really sweet if you take each girl’s shape and size into consideration when you choose bridesmaids dresses. Don’t feel like you need to choose only one dress – there are so many options when it comes to color, fabric, and cut! Enjoy the search!

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