Omni William Penn Hotel Catering Showcase 2018

Every year I am thrilled to be a part of the Omni William Penn Hotel Catering Showcase. This event is where the best of the best in the Pittsburgh wedding industry come together to show off their rentals, floral, decor, photography, designs, and menus. Some of my absolute best friends in the wedding market attend the showcase, and it’s always a great time to see so many of them and celebrate a grand evening in the hotel.

Weddings at the Omni William Penn hotel are some of my absolute favorite, and the venue ranks at the top of my list for places that I get to work in the city! The catering staff, event staff, food, and location are just top notch – who wouldn’t want to be an Omni bride?! I ran into some of my favorite wedding vendors and couples at this year’s showcase, and it was a pleasure, as always, to see everyone!

Here are some of my favorite displays of the year, including who created them and why I love each design:

Marbella and All Occasions:

All Occasions and Marbella really wanted to setup quite the display at this year’s Showcase, and so they took over a huge corner area of the Urban Room. The draping was high, the sparkle factor was on point, and the marbled chairs were a unique touch that I had not seen in person yet! They were really cool!

wedding reception design by marbella and all occasions party rental

wedding reception design at omni hotel pittsburgh

custom all occasions party rental and marbella marble chairs

Karrie Hlista Designs:

This was the first year that Karrie Hlista Designs presented at the Showcase, and she did a fantastic job! her tables were gorgeous, especially the one with the light flowers and plenty of candles (always important to add a romantic vibe to the Omni events). Karrie’s work is always elegant and classy, and it’s obvious from all that she does that she is passionate about her creations. In top of that, she’s one of the sweetest ladies – love her!

floral design karrie hlista omni william penn hotel

karrie hlista floral designs

black elegant chic floral design karrie hlista

Allison McGeary and Mosaic Linens:

Allison McGeary, Florist and her team had two huge setups at the Omni Showcase, and her design complete with raised greenery, sparkling linens, and tiny floral touches was delicate and polished, and really showcased not only her floral talent but the Omni Ballroom at the same time.

On top of that, Allison worked with Mosaic Linens and Marbella to create a custom seating lounge in the middle of the ballroom, complete with hanging orchids, white furniture, and linen drapery. It was gorgeous!

allison mcgeary floral design omni william penn hotel

allison mcgeary omni hotel

omni hotel grand design mosaic linens allison mcgeary marbella

Fragile Paradise and Lendable Linens:

I love how Megan with Fragile Paradise and Lendable Linens always work together to give us glimpses of the variety of designs that they are capable of creating. They put together a light, breezy design, a grand classic, blush look, and plenty of smaller vignettes with pretty touches, lots of color, and artistic designs.

fragile paradise floral design omni william penn hotel

omni hotel pittsburgh fragile paradise lendable linens

fragile paradise florist

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