Funny story: Myriah’s sister was set to be married on October 28th. I photographed Myriah and Brian on October 22nd. So actually, I met the Maid of Honor for a wedding before I met the bride! Crazy, huh?

But here’s the thing – Myriah’s sister was sweet enough to gift her and Brian with an engagement session, which I think is just the sweetest thing! It was seriously wonderful to work with them at Mingo Creek Park as they laughed through all of my stupid jokes and went along with the craziness of the crowd.

With the autumn season, we were able to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery on what was the last warm day of the month. Luckily, I wore my Hunter boots, so I could adventure into the creek for the last beautiful shot in this series. Really, I’m pretty much squatting in the water to get it – but totally worth the effort! 

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