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Johnstown is an area about an hour or two outside of Pittsburgh, and I absolutely love photographing weddings there! My husband is originally from there, so when I go to photograph a wedding in Johnstown, it’s easy – we get to stay with my in-laws!

Laura has known my sister-in-law for quite some time, so hers was an extra special wedding to photograph. She is as nice as can be, and she knows how to have a good time and not take things in life too seriously – which I think is great, especially on a wedding day!

Laura got dressed and ready for her Johnstown wedding at her parent’s home, which had some great natural light and pretty details to incorporate into her photos. In addition, her nephews were there and in typical boy fashion they wanted to sword fight with her on her wedding day – a game she happily played with them. They’re adorable ring bearers!

I love this photo of Laura and her sister helping to fix their dad’s hair before the wedding. He had just come down from the upstairs bedroom and saw Laura as a bride for the first time. He teared up, smiled at her, and then his daughters both stepped in to help get him fixed up. I think that’s what daughters are good for – taking care of their dad! 🙂

The beginning of their wedding day was a bit rainy, but we were luckily able to photograph their first look outside! This was at a point in the day where it had just finished pouring, and there was a opening in the clouds. It was photographed on a street next to Joe’s parent’s home, and I’m so glad we got a little bit of sun and dry weather to capture this moment!

Johnstown is full of hidden gems for locations, with this being a house just down the street. The home had gorgeous ivy walls and they were kind enough to let us use their space for a few pre-wedding photos!

Johnstown St Mary’s Byzantine Church Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding ceremony took place at a church in the downtown Johnstown area, and the church itself was beautiful! I always love big, colorful churches, since they add a bit of spark to a wedding ceremony and instantly make people a little happier! The church was also right next to the Conemaugh River, so I got to park my car along the river edge and hope that it didn’t fall in while I was inside photographing the ceremony!

Their wedding ceremony had some traditional aspects, including the flower crowns, and they also had some vocalists singing more modern-day songs. It was a nice mix! My favorite part? Laura and her dad took their time walking down the aisle, which gave me tons of time to play around and capture the angles of the processional without being rushed!

Johnstown Family Wedding Photography

After the ceremony and family photos inside of the church, we stepped right outside to do a few family photos and groupings on the front sidewalk. This area, to some, may not have seemed all that photographically interesting, but I saw some beautiful, even light – and colors that really complimented everyone’s skin tones! The light orange and rose in the background mades for a simple, clean look, which is always something that I’m striving for!

PITT Johnstown Campus Wedding Photos

After working at the church, we headed over to the campus at PITT Johnstown to photograph Laura and Joe as well as the bridal party. There was really pretty light, since the rain had cleared up by now, and we worked to have a great time and also capture some beautiful photos! Again, Laura likes it relaxed, so we made sure that the bridal party all had a fun afternoon together without too much “pressure” from the photography aspect of the day!

All of these wedding photos were taken in a short walking distance around the PITT Johnstown campus. There are lots of little locations and pretty greenery to work with there!

Masonic Temple Johnstown Wedding Reception

At this point, I have to give a huge thanks to Bryan Schneider, my second photographer for the day, who helped with lots of the photo aspects of the day and captured some of these beautiful details while I was working outside of the Masonic Temple with the couple and bridal party. 

Laura’s design for her Masonic Temple wedding reception was all about purple, some bling, and some pretty uplighting! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of wedding reception uplighting. It always adds a little extra to a wedding day! Be sure to think about it for your design!

Laura is just a little shorter than Joe (ha!), so this photo was actually kind of hard to get! I had to stand on my tippy toes just to get her in there! Their wedding cake was from Ideal Market – the family business in Johnstown. 

The photo in the middle here is my in-laws, which I think is hilarious, because they are all aboutTraveling Heart Productions the shots and dollar dance. It’s a big Johnstown thing! I actually was working at this wedding with Christina from , and I said to her: “Just wait, this will be an awesome dollar dance, because the crowd in Johnstown really gets into it.“, and sure enough they did! It’s tradition for Johnstown dollar dances to end with the groom trying to “make it” to the bride in the middle, but he is blocked by everyone and has to try and fight his way in! Then once he gets to the bride, he carries her away! It’s a lot of fun. 

We also got to sneak up to the roof of the Johnstown Masonic Temple for some evening photos! 

Thank you, Laura and Joe! It was an honor to photograph your big day! 

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