Phipps Conservatory and Hyde Park Small Wedding

Eboné and Greg were married on a beautiful day in July, with all of their close family with them at Phipps Conservatory. They were married in the Broderie Room at Phipps, and all of their kids were there to participate in the lock ceremony. Each of the kids, and Eboné, and Greg had a lock with their name on them and they all attached them to a iron decoration that (I’m sure!) will hang in their home!

After the wedding ceremony, we ventured around Phipps Conservatory a bit for wedding photos, and then headed down to the North Shore for some more photos and reception dinner at Hyde Park! It was beautiful with red roses, and I’m sure they all enjoyed a great meal together!

Here’s a bit about what Eboné had to say about her photography experience:

Leeann…seriously, the pictures you took are gorgeous. I love them all and the colors and lighting are just amazing.

Things have been hectic since we got back to “normal life”, so I haven’t actually had a chance to sit down and think about which to print and then how to start organizing them into an album…or heck, even download them. BUT, I’ve looked at them every day, multiple times a day, and they instantly make me happy
I’ve even considered reactivating my Facebook account just so I can share them with any and everyone (meanwhile, I’ve been off of facebook for 5 years lol).
In all seriousness though, thank you so so much. Having great pictures from the day was so important to me, and wow you delivered

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