Wedding Reception at Heinz History Center

When Laura called me to photograph her wedding, I was super excited! Why? Because I already knew her! I photographed her sister, Carla’s, Epiphany Catholic Church wedding in 2012, and so it was exciting to see a family that I got to know once again! Planning with Laura was easy, too, because she was always so organized and on top of things. She’s a girl who knows exactly what she wants, and so am I – haha! We worked together so well, and so I knew that when I met Tommy on the wedding day that he would be an awesome guy. Any girl like Laura is bound to have picked a great guy to marry, and Tommy left no disappointment to be found. 

Together, these two were surrounded by their family and friends at Epiphany Catholic Church (always a classic for a Catholic Pittsburgh wedding in the city), and then celebrated with everyone at the Heinz History Center for the wedding reception. Laura included some peach in her wedding decor to honor her grandmother, who used to refer to her as a little peach (in Italian, I believe..), and we photographed them on the classic yellow bridges in the city.

Here are some of my favorites from their wedding, which I’m sure you’ll love – theirs was a great wedding! 

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