Wedding Photography at Hyeholde Restaurant

Kim and Derick’s Sunday wedding at the Hyeholde Restaurant was absolutely gorgeous! They were surrounded by their family and friends, and really enjoyed some beautiful weather with a nice brunch to follow. Working with these two was great – they were very relaxed and happy throughout the entire day. It was obvious that they really loved each other and that their wedding day meant a lot to them. On top of that – the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup on their wedding day. Talk about a great gift!

beautiful wedding photos during summer event at hyeholde restaurant

Wedding Ceremony Outside at Hyeholde Restaurant

Kim and Derick’s wedding ceremony in the outdoor garden of the Hyeholde Restaurant grounds was just perfect. They were surrounded by their family and friends, and Kim was so excited to marry Derick she could barely contain her emotion before she walked into the garden. Photographing Kim and her Dad just before she walked down the aisle was especially important to her, since she is really close with him after losing her mom. It was obvious that they truly shared a special bond, and that this wedding moment was a really special and emotional time for them.

wooden wedding bouquet from etsy

best man holding wedding rings in the box

bride and groom doing their first look around a corner at the hyeholde restaurant

little baby in a suit and tie watching an outdoor wedding ceremony at the hyeholde restaurant

bride and father preparing to walk down the aisle during wedding ceremony outside at hyeholde rstaurant

The garden for wedding ceremonies at the Hyeholde is quite pretty, with some nice shade even during the high noon hours. Guests were seated comfortably nearby and watched as Kim and Derick said their vows and had a sand ceremony together (even though the that part was somewhat of a challenge – ha!) After the wedding ceremony, we were able to do family photos in the same location, and they turned out beautifully!

wedding ceremony outdoors in the garden at hyeholde restaurant

outdoor wedding ceremony at hyeholde restaurant coraopolis

groom smiling at bride while saying wedding vows during hyeholde ceremony

bride and groom walking down the aisle after wedding ceremony at hyeholde restaurant

Wedding Photos at the Hyeholde

After their wedding ceremony, we had some time to photograph just the two of them on the Hyeholde property. The restaurant is beautiful, but the grounds around the Hyeholde are especially beautiful! Oh my goodness, it’s just like a little fairy land being there!

newly married couple smiling for wedding photos at gate of hyeholde

bride surrounded by ivy on the hyeholde grounds

We first walked down the driveway to take some pictures near the restaurant sign – it’s nice to have a photo to remember where you got married! 🙂 There is also pretty light in this area, and I like the iron gate that is at the entrance of the space.

leeann marie photography weddings at hyeholde restaurant

Moving back closer to the restaurant, there are some great quaint nooks for photos – lots of which are covered in ivy. A white wedding dress against some of the greenery really stands out, and the light in many of the areas is beautiful throughout the day. We photographed them in front of the Hyeholde Restaurant main entrance door, which is always a staple wedding photo, and then moved to the back gardens, which are intricate and lovely.

bride and groom enjoying wedding day on hyeholde grounds

I always love photographing weddings at the Hyeholde because it’s truly one of those places where I feel like I could do wedding photos for hours and not get bored with the scenery!

Wedding Brunch in Hyeholde Restaurant

After we finished their wedding photos on the property, we were able to move indoors to the back restaurant area where there are wedding receptions and events. All of the guests were inside enjoying some light snacks, and when we arrived, Kim and Derick had their ‘main entrance’ and were able to mingle with all of their favorite people.

wooden wedding placecards

wood tree stump wedding cake designed by the pastry chef at the hyeholde restaurant

Although it was a smaller wedding, we still enjoyed some speeches and toasts from Kim’s dad, the maid of honor, and the best man. It was obvious that these two are very loved! Everyone was thrilled to raise their glass and toast their marriage, and Derick was even given his own Native American name – thanks to Kim’s dad, who wanted to pass along some of their heritage to the newest family member. 

wedding day brunch at hyeholde restaurant coraopolis

bride and groom cutting the wedding cake at hyeholde restaurant round room

Their wedding cake (made by the Hyeholde pasty chef) was also gorgeous – I loved how it looked like wood! They enjoyed a lovely wedding brunch with their family and friends before heading home to relax and (of course) watch some hockey!

wedding rings with wooden flowers

Thank you!

Kim and Derick – you are two wonderful people! So relaxed and happy. Thank you for having me with your on your wedding day! I hope you love your photos for years to come!

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