The second part of our vacation took place in Paris, where we met up with a bunch of our family members to enjoy time together. MY sister-in-law married a French guy (Romain – we love him!), and so in order to celebrate their marriage, we all planned a big family vacation in Paris for a few days. We rented a big house via Airbnb, and traveled around the city together for 6 days. We were able to see so much!

The fresh flowers that were on the streets were gorgeous! I wish I could buy them all!

Of course there are little cafes everywhere, where we had everything from pizza to blood sausage (just kidding – that wasn’t my order!)

One day we spent traveling to Montmartre area, but we made an initial stop at the Love Wall, which has the phrase I Love You in every language.

Joy loved riding the carousels in Paris, and she was so adorable on this one at Montmartre in her little white linen outfit and hairbow from La Petit Piper.

I love all of the buildings in Paris – they just seem surreal. They’re all so beautiful, tall, and architectural.

While in the Montmartre area, we headed to a little macaron shop, where Joy was pretty happy to have a cookie!

Lunch in front of the Tour Eifel!

Pretty much how you feel after too much vacation food!

We had absolutely gorgeous weather while in Paris – actually on our whole vacation it was just perfect! With amazing sunsets that lit up the city in pink.

The Eiffel Tower at night – it sparkles every hour on the hour for 5 minutes.

On another day, our group split and 1/2 of us went to the Louvre while the other 1/2 went to the Musee de Orsay.  We went to the Louvre because it was described as “kid friendly”, which it generally was. However, when you look at the map of the museum it looks like it’s just 4 floors – easy with a stroller and elevators! BUT NO – it’s 4 floors with a million 1/2 floors and staircases in between. Goodness. 

We also headed over to the Galleria Lafayette, which has a cafe on the roof with a view of the Eiffel Tower – so cute!

My husband’s side of the family are all into tennis, and so we all got tickets to the French Open (or Roland Garros) while we were in Paris. It was interesting to experience!

Tickets in center court after watching Djokovic play.

We also went to the Opera House, which is just gorgeous and ornate!

One of my favorite photos from the trip <3

All of the kids looking out over the city from the Opera House.

Venturing over to walk down the Champs Elysee!

The Louvre Gardens

The lock bridges:

Of course we got our own lock, and threw the key into the river!

One of the BIG things that I will always recommend to people visiting Paris is to take a river cruise on the Seine. We timed ours so that we were leaving the dock right as the sun was setting (which was around 9:45pm at the end of May!), and as we cruised down the river the sun set and the city lit up. It was just gorgeous!!! It even worked out that we rode by the Eiffel Tower right at 10pm, which meant that it sparkled as we cruised by! 

The last thing we did while in Paris was wake up early for a morning photo session with L’Amour de Paris photographer

, Cheyenne! She was absolutely wonderful, and took some beautiful photos of our family all together! These ones were taken by me on my Fuji x100t . You can see more of her work on their website! If you’re venturing to Paris, I highly recommend them to capture memories for you of the city!

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