There are so many elements that must go into a marriage – understanding, patience, love, caring, more patience…. Over my nine years being married I have found that there is one element that is often forgotten: support. Why is this one forgotten? Because it puts one person first? Because it sounds selfish? Because it takes away the ‘team’ in marriage talk to focus on one person before the other? Perhaps those are the reasons that this important element of marriage gets left on the cutting room floor during speeches and liturgy. 

beaded purse for bride wedding day

creative wedding shoe photo with dangling earrings

wedding dress beaded sleeves hanging in twentieth century club

bride getting ready room in twentieth century club smiling at mom

But as the years pass on in my life I have found that support for another person’s dreams is a huge part of marriage, and Emily and Patrick have that. If you ask either of them, they are not only excited about their own careers and paths, but equally as excited for each other. They are the kind of couple that already understands support and sacrifice and how it adds to a relationship. They are the kind of couple that will go far together, because they support each other as individuals. They know there are two people in their relationship, and for the group to succeed, they must excel individually. That is only done with the support of their spouse. They will go far – together. 

groom getting ready in gray suit at the twentieth century club

groomsmen toasts with woodford preserve whiskey in pittsburgh wedding

gidas flowers bouquet with white and green flowers and mom holding wedding cathedral veil

bride getting into beaded wedding dress at 20th century club pittsburgh

bride smiling as she gets dressed in wedding gown at pittsburgh wedding

beaded back wedding dress pittsburgh wedding

special moment where bride hugs father and cries during her wedding day

bride in beaded dress posing for portraits at twentieth century club doors

Weddings at the Twentieth Century Club

Emily and Patrick’s full wedding day took place at the Twentieth Century Club in Oakland. There are numerous rooms to the club, which allowed for each of them to have a ‘getting ready’ room (which was large!), a ceremony space, guest greeting space, cocktail room, and dining room with a large dance floor. On top of that, the 20th Century Club has a large dance hall and other nooks and crannies for photos galore! 

father walking bride down the aisle during wedding ceremony in 20th century club

groom watching bride come down the aisle in 20th century club wedding

bride walking through guests at twentieth century club wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony room with arches at twentieth century club

 guest crying as she watches the wedding ceremony during special moment

bride and groom say vows at pittsburgh weding

The weather outside on their wedding day was a little rainy, but we were able to have numerous locations to shoot inside and add variety to their gallery! The wedding ceremony space was large and had beautiful, high windows flanking both sides of the room. There were also arches overlooking the ceremony room that I used to bring in some more architectural details to the wedding photos.

wedding photography at twentieth century club pittsburgh

brother of bride cries happy tears for his sister

wedding details of signature cocktail drink and greenery bouquet

grandmother smiles during wedding reception

Wedding Pictures at the 20th Century Club

We photographed their portraits in a variety of spaces! I love the building outside, so while the rain had stopped for a few minutes we went out into the Oakland area of Pittsburgh and photographed using the club’s building and entryway as a backdrop for some classic Pittsburgh architecture. The girls were dressed in a light green, with simple white and greenery florals by Gidas. Everyone was easy going and relaxed for the bridal party photos, which made my job even easier!

bridal party posing for photos outside of the twentieth century club in oakland pittsburgh

bridesmaids in green and ivory

creative wedding photos inside of 20th century club pittsburgh

couple photos in 20th century club pittsburgh dance hall

After the rain started to pickup, we headed back inside to the Dance Hall and took advantage of the contrasty window light and big art deco chandeliers in the room. The space is huge, and I love wedding receptions in this room! The upstairs balcony provided a great location for us, and the staff even brought Emily and Patrick a plate of cocktail hors d’ouerves to enjoy while we worked together.

twentieth century club wedding photography

wedding photo twentieth century club pittsburgh oakland

pitt campus 20th century club wedding pictures

The classic portraits at the Twentieth Century Club are almost always done in front of the large windows (which were right outside of the ceremony room). This is a great place for the traditional images that just exude the classic elegance of the space and the building.

best wedding photos at twentieth century club pittsburgh oakland

Twentieth Century Club Wedding Reception Dining Room

After their portraits, we headed upstairs to the large dining room, where their wedding reception took place. There are typically two locations for wedding receptions at the Twentieth Century Club – the Dance Hall and the Dining Room. The dining room works great for a slightly smaller guest count, as you can bring in tables and a dance floor into the space space. 

wedding reception in twentieth century club dining hall

wedding receptions at 20th century club

bride and groom dance during wedding reception first dance

father and daughter dancing during wedding reception in pittsburgh

groom and mother dancing in wedding reception

bride tosses bouquet at twentieth century club

twentieth century club pittsburgh weddings

Guests enjoyed a lovely dinner and then dancing all night to some fun music – including Hamilton!  Thank you for having me with you on such a special wedding day, Emily + Patrick! 

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